01.10.2015 8:00

Sony has high hopes for PlayStation VR

Recently, we often hear that the future of the entertainment industry for virtual and augmented reality, but in practice it is a bit more complicated. According Dave Ranyard, director of the London studio of Sony Computer Entertainment, not all traditional genres of video games are suitable for VR-systems.

Over the past 18 months the team SCE London Studio has created more than 100 demos for virtual reality. Some of them are transformed into larger projects, while others are used for experimenting with new mechanics. The main difficulty lies in the fact that developers can not predict which ideas will resonate in the hearts of the audience.

For example, the company developed the first-person shooter The London Heist completely unlike the usual intense action. It consists of several heads, allowing to interact differently with the virtual world. Earlier events have demonstrated shootout scene in the mansion and fleeing by car. In part with intense questioning a prisoner, for example, a replica stands in front of the character depends on the movement and direction of gaze “associated” player.

The President of SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida hopes that the helmet PlayStation VR will help the company attract new users who are not particularly interested in modern video games. Virtual reality offers a completely new experience, and to get unforgettable impressions do not always need the gameplay. For example, the demo The Deep is a simulation of an underwater walk, during which a cell attacked by a white shark. And the lack of a comprehensive story does not make it less exciting.

Shuhei Yoshida noted for perfect virtual reality simulators and racing. Do you expect PlayStation VR commercial success? While no one knows the answer to this question, especially since much will depend on the actions of competitors.