About how Sony is looking for leaders in social networks and turns...

About how Sony is looking for leaders in social networks and turns them into money


Bad things from laptop manufacturers. Sales are down for seven consecutive quarters – a sad record. Producers who feel well, very little. One of them uses modern tools to work with “big data”, coupled with good old school marketing (for example, all ostochertevshie electronic newsletters), and not without success: these methods allow it to generate three times more profit as compared with the control groups.

So, Sony earns, while the others are tightening their belts. Sony increases profits and, of course, not only due to high-quality products, but also due to good marketing. Head of marketing department of Sony in the United States Jeremy Lyons expressly states: “The key task of the brand – to unite with their own supporters.”

That this task – to find their supporters – Sony and implements using data analysis. She helps the company Pursway, dedicated social media analytics. Strategy in the latter is the following: it takes its own customer base and “socialize” it, ie, is among those users who are able to strongly influence the opinions of others.

And the truth – whether the company should rejoice in warm praise client if he – pimply loser, not held anywhere except in computer hopeless wars and trolling the forums? Companies nice if he would buy another game console, but this is the use of it and exhausted. At the same time, a charismatic leader (even if it is only in such a social network) is able to briefly praise the product – and a dozen of his fans are almost ready to fork out for the company. Thus, socially active and socially influential people – a valuable asset. Specifically, half of capital. The second half is to isolate these people from the crowd.

Pursway analyzed how customers affect each other. Those customers who have been identified as the company is not too powerful, not to provoke a lot of shopping. Hundred of people buying goods at best “has infected” by his example nine others. Thus, Sony could exclude them from their target audience with expensive advertising campaigns and direct the efforts of the others. And with them, the situation was much better. Hundreds of influential clients provoked to purchase up to 44 friends and acquaintances. And even hundreds of those who do nothing gained, still influenced by the fact that eight other people decided to buy the goods.

These people become distributors virus consumption newfangled technology. To find them, Pursway considering buying activity as Sony customers or those who are only going to become so – and wrote about it in the net – and then looks at the behavior of their friends, relatives, acquaintances or simply network. If some actions cause a similar reaction in other – means that a person is a leader. No matter how many he has at the same time to display, how many Facebook friends or followers in Twitter. Prime number does not solve anything. Conversion rate of the leader is so high that it can not have thousands of links, but from dozens of his friends a few people probably buy the same thing that he did.

That is, in the end, the main asset and tool Pursway – an exclusive and authentic social graph, which collected data from thousands of sources across the internet. Thanks to him, the company can determine based on the mathematical social relationships between people and predict their behavior. This gives marketers new knowledge about how to motivate those who are able to motivate himself rest.

Therefore, Sony will not shoot a gun on sparrows, advertising their products to all and participants gaining shares indiscriminately. All marketing efforts, it will concentrate on reputable people who are able to win over the other. 44% extra customers – is no joke.