Sony MP3-players packed in water bottles

Sony MP3-players packed in water bottles


MP3-Player W Series Walkman from Sony was announced by the manufacturer as a player for lovers of sport and fitness. The main idea of ​​the player is that he allegedly “did not sink in water and fire does not burn.” Bold for the manufacturer of electronics company Sony has decided statement clearly demonstrate, to seek help from an advertising agency DraftFCB.

The outcome of DraftFCB become very creative advertising campaign for W Series Walkman, which has already launched in New Zealand. Based on the fact that Sony declares his unsinkable MP3-player, the designers decided to change the packaging of the product. So W Series Walkman appeared sealed in a transparent container with clean water. Player swims in a bottle filled to the top, and at the same time retains its functionality. You can only add that the W Series Walkman – it is one of the few players really waterproof, as it was designed for lovers of swimming pools.

Sale unusual players in the water in New Zealand through vedingovye machines. Buying W Series Walkman player it can be easily removed from the package. On whether the water in containers suitable for drinking, Sony is not reported. But common sense dictates that it is not necessary to quench their thirst after fitness bottle of water floating in her MP3-player.

In addition to waterproof player, Sony is engaged and release cameras, phones, tablets and smartphones with similar properties. Unlike players, smartphones are not as reliable in any case, in the long run. Sony’s experiment showed that their waterproof smartphone can hold under water without leakage within 1 hour.

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