Sony Vaio Fit 11A: battery fire risk

Sony Vaio Fit 11A: battery fire risk


Sony announces new Vaio Fit 11A suffer from a problem that the battery could overheat and cause a fire. It is also about Italy.

Sony has just discovered that thousands of batteries in the new Vaio notebook Fit 11A are defective and could overheat and even cause a fire. For this reason, the manufacturer decided to warn those who have bought a unit, by issuing a statement that explains also how to check if your Vaio is among those at risk.

it was found that a non-removable battery supplied by third parties may result in malfunction and overheating.

This inefficiency could result in a partial combustion of the chassis of the PC. “

The problem also affects Italy: the models of Vaio Fit 11A defective are in fact already been identified and are precisely those found in European stores to be most affected. The drawback is related to the battery – produced by Panasonic Corp. – of nearly 26 thousand units of the device, which could overheat and catch fire. The Italian division of Sony Vaio Fit 11A specifies that the affected belong to the following models:

  • SVF11N16CTB
  • SVF11N1L2RP
  • SVF11N1A4E
  • SVF11N1L2RS
  • SVF11N1C5E
  • SVF11N1M2ES
  • SVF11N1L2EB
  • SVF11N1S2EB
  • SVF11N1L2EP
  • SVF11N1S2ES
  • SVF11N1L2ES
  • SVF11N1S2RS

Who possessed of one of the models listed above Vaio Fit 11A should turn off your computer, unplugging it from the power adapter and no longer use it, providing instead to contact the Sony Service Center toll-free at 199 151 146 (from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00) or directly on the official website of the company.

A spokesman for Panasonic has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that the company had supplied batteries for Sony but declined to say which other computer manufacturers have received their batteries, as such information is confidential. Panasonic has however indicated that the batteries are customized according to the need of each of its partners and explained that you have not heard of yet further problems.

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