South Park: The Stick of Truth (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

South Park: The Stick of Truth (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

SouthParkTheStickofTruth 00
SouthParkTheStickofTruth 00

Then came the fateful hour! In a remote town where evergreen snow cover roofs, have been fighting the forces of Good and Evil in the face of harsh decade of warriors armed with sticks and dressed in ancient armor.

What else to call her grandmother’s hat, pylivshuyusya last 20 years in the basement? Someone needs to throw a monkey wrench in the wheels of truth Evil. Kyle volunteered, but authoritative opinion and noble lyudoveda dushelyuba Cartman “Jews can not be the savior.” We’ll have to take on the difficult task of rescuing the extraordinary world from the clutches of anti-social elements.

DeveloperObsidian Entertainment
Official Site
PlatformsPCXbox 360PS3
Released GamesMarch 2014
Released the game in RussiaMarch 2014

Our beloved and respected firm Obsidian, famous both for its creative approach to game development, and lazy programmers, acquired the rights to create a role-playing game in the world of South Park. This. With missions, factions, Easter eggs and other attributes of the classics of the genre.

Progress with rookie hero, of course, beaten. But do not give the same under the control of one of the famous quartet with all his past exploits. Cartman is splashing hatred and eat all the supplies, Kenny – time after time to rise from the untimely death, Stan and Kyle, too, your pile of skeletons under the bed. Although the authors in the series over the subtleties not really thought about .. Even Kenny long risen from the dead, as if nothing had happened. By the way, great tank get out of it – not killed, virtually silent and covered with armor to the eyes.

But do not worry, the hero of the game with an editor, you can turn into anyone: even a girl. Not quite canonical, and Stan is unlikely to adequately respond (if you refer to him, Man immediately sick, and it’s … quite in the spirit of the series). Paladin Butters meet you, well, the basics of survival will train zhirtrest Cartman (oh no, sorry, it just bone wide), based on your backyard a mini Tritsram. Judging by the overall picture and the appearance of the characters, the game based on the series 6 episode 13 “Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers.”

Parker and Stone made a controversial step to selecting a developer Obsidian Entertainment. Sophisticated role-playing system, smart dialogue, variety of passing – that’s a plus. And with a high degree of probability – broken scripts and technical problems. Likely to be some sort of factions and reputation system. From an obscure fourth-graders performing the job of interesting types and have at their disposal all sorts Sneakers Step elusive and Skalki sure beats you will inevitably move towards the goal. In general, all as usual.

Battles seem to represent tracing with good old Super Mario RPG. Serialization, special moves, paired attack specific magic (a fiery cloud of Cartman’s ass), appeals and all that. Calls again, quite in the spirit of the original source: Jesus watering lead enemies with a machine gun, or slave who jumps on the enemy and demonstrates the skills that helped him to win Paris Hilton. Fans will understand, but for peace of mind the rest, we will not go into details. We will confront juvenile fans of “Twilight”, elves, hippies, and other krabolyudi causing unhealthy, but such a lively imagination Trey and Matt.

While the game looks as good as the original source: ie strict 2D-graphics, a minimum of parts and colors. Hopefully, for sharp dialogue, sparkling plot and the characters’ voices respond to the animated series. With the rest of Obsidian cope independently. In any case forward in March 2014, gentlemen.