05.02.2014 8:36

Spanish Queen for the first time in the history of the country will receive a salary – 63 000 euros per year

King Juan Carlos I for the first time in the history of the country has appointed an official salary Queen Sofia and Princess Leticia Asturian. Previously, members of the royal family received money on entertainment expenses.

Total revenue Queen will be a little more than 130,000 euros per year: 63,234 in salaries, plus entertainment expenses and travel expenses. Letizia, the wife of the heir to the throne Prince Felipe, will earn 49,182 euros a year, together with the expense accounts of its income will be 102,000 euros, according to El Pais .

The king of Spain receives 140,000 euros per year, plus 68,000 for expenses related to official duties. His successor can expect half of this amount.

The Royal Court has also published documents that indicated the cost of the royal hospital. For example, three surgeries which suffered monarch, cost the state budget of 165 thousand euros. In March last year, Juan Carlos I underwent surgery for a double herniated disc, and in autumn it in two phases changed prosthetic hip joint. All three operations were carried out in private clinics.

Expenses of the royal family were made ​​public after a trip to Botswana king to hunt elephants, where he broke his hip, provoked sharp criticism from the public. The move was made ​​against the background of the court proceeding son the alleged tax crimes committed by the king’s youngest daughter, the Infanta Cristina and Inaki Urdangarin her husband. Another official examination to be held just this week.


In total, the royal court of Spain in 2014 from the state budget will receive 7.7 million euros, it is 2% less than last year. By law, the king is not obligated to anyone to report their expenditures and income, but it is known that the lion’s share of the budget subsidies accounted for the content of the attendants. Only in the Zarzuela Palace employs more than 1500 people.

Note that in late January the British parliamentarians demanded from the Ministry of Finance to take control of expenses of Queen Elizabeth II, as spending on the maintenance of the royal estate and collections of antiques and art objects were found to be ineffective, and the state palaces – threatening.