Speaker of the House of Representatives called Putin “bandit” and urged Obama...

Speaker of the House of Representatives called Putin “bandit” and urged Obama to defend

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House Speaker John Boehner of Congress expressive called Russian President Vladimir Putin ” bandit ” and urged the Obama administration to protect American interests . Republican Boehner , representing congressional Ohio, criticized the head of the Russian Federation in the program “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno on channel NBC.

President Obama “must confront it and to better protect the interests of America and our allies , particularly in Eastern Europe ,” said Boehner in an interview. According to the politician , Putin disrespectful to their neighbors , according to Business Week.

Commenting on the sharp tip Boehner about Putin radio ” Kommersant FM”, political analyst Valery Ostrovsky said that it was ” a diplomatic problem , the problem of a symmetrical response .” The expert cited the episode in the history of diplomacy of the XVIII century , when Prussia sent to France as ambassador legged colonel. In Paris, long thought and in response sent as ambassador to Berlin one-handed Major .


” So, we can find some senator , a member of the Federation Council , I think there fighting guys who would say that Obama actually – a robber, bandit , and so on . This incident would be exhausted completely symmetric ” – Ostrovsky said with irony .

Leading reminded that Boehner is not the first statement in relation to Russia and Putin – last year he demanded to revise U.S. policy to reset relations with Russia , accusing the president of the Russian Federation that he feels a strong nostalgia for the Soviet Union.

“I think that this is one of the episodes starting a new Cold War , which begin in this case Putin and Lavrov ( Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov – approx. Ed.) , And Russia . We know what is there ,” – concluded analyst.

Recall that in September last year and John Boehner blamed Obama that he devotes more time to negotiate with Vladimir Putin , and not with the Congress . Speaker suggested that Obama was happy to negotiate with Putin. At the same time, Obama is not going to discuss the issue with the Congress raising the debt ceiling and other important issues , Boehner said reproachfully . Presidential spokesman Jay Carney USA then joked that the speaker suffers from ” envy of Putin,” the newspaper reported Huffington Post.

In an interview with Jay Leno John Boehner on Thursday and we are talking about Edward Snowden , which Russia has granted political asylum after a scandal exposing them to the program of surveillance by U.S. intelligence . Replying to a question whether he agrees with the recently pushed suspicions that Snowden allegedly collaborated with Russian intelligence , Boehner said that it can be both true and untrue. ” All I can say is that , in my opinion , Snowden is a traitor of the country” , – said the speaker . It should be noted that on Wednesday Snowden called absurd accusations in cooperation with Russia .