How to spend 48 hours in Abu Dhabi

How to spend 48 hours in Abu Dhabi

spend 48 hours abu dhabi 01
spend 48 hours abu dhabi 01

Going to Abu Dhabi, you can dream of a magic carpet ride, Aladdin’s lamp and tales of Scheherazade

Day One

10:00 Shopping Centre “Yas Mall”

The new shopping center “Yas Mall”, the largest in Abu Dhabi and the second largest in the UAE, will earn 26 March 2014 on the artificial Yas Island, near the International Airport. 400 shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and a huge movie theater will open its doors to visitors. The local area water park “Yas Island Water Park” amusement parks “Warner Brothers” and “Ferrari World”.

How to find: move to E12 on Yas Island. Between the main attractions of the island from 9:00 to 21:00 twice per hour runs special express. Better navigate the city by taxi.

12:00 Cultural Quarter on Saadiyat Island

Contemporary Art Exhibition “Abu Dhabi Art” takes place in the exhibition center “Manarat al Saadiyat” and in the UAE Pavilion from 20 to 23 November 2013 and is the leading art galleries from around the world. Admission is free. Soon will open on Saadiyat Island: the world’s second Louvre in 2015, Sheikh Zayed National Museum in 2016 (Norman Foster) and a branch of the Guggenheim Museum in 2017 (draft Frank Gehry).
How to find: E12 move on Saadiyat Island to the western tip of the island.

14:00 Carpet Market

On the market in Abu Dhabi brought rugs from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, China and Central Asia. The price depends on the quality of the product, the carpet is woven manually or by an electric machine and how many have nodules per square centimeter.
How to find: at the end of Al Mina Road, near the main port

16:00 Shopping Centre “Abu Dhabi Mall”

All malls in Abu Dhabi is well air-conditioned, so there can hide from the heat. Be sure to stop in one of the stores’ Abu Dhabi Mall “- a boutique company” Batel “engaged in the manufacture of gourmet dates. Cost pampered confiture dates or palm juice.
How to find: 10th Street, near the Canadian embassy;

18:00 Corniche

At the eight-kilometer seafront Corniche nice to meet sunset bike ride and swim. The beach is divided into three sections: for families with children, without children and the public. It adjoins the waterfront business district with modern high-rise buildings and skyscrapers.
How to find: 1st Street. The cost of entry in the first two sections of the beach – ten dirhams (about $ 100), entrance to the third – free

20:00 Hotel “Emirates Palace”

This luxury hotel combines Arabian luxury and modern technology: here, among other things, is an ATM “Gold that Go” (Gold to Go) – one of the world’s outstanding gold bullion. After a rough day worth dine in a two-story restaurant serving Arabic dishes “Mezlay”, which is open from 13:00 to 22:30. In the morning, guests will “Barakat Gallery”, specializing in ancient works of art and genuine antiques from China, Egypt, the Middle East, Africa, Greece and Rome. There are a lot of items, among which there are statues, jewelry, coins, necklaces and ceramics.
How to find: West Cornish poud, District Al Ras Al Akhdar;

Second Day

9:00 Central Market

At the central market you can find local products, antiques and clothes. Among common souvenirs – Guthrie (male headgear), chocolate from camel milk with vanilla, honey and cocoa beans, and Arabian coffee pot. He is depicted on the coin in one dirham, and its area is decorated with a giant copy of Al Ittihad in Abu Dhabi.
How to find: the intersection of the 2nd, 5th streets and Liwa Street;

Stock up on sunglasses if you have not already done so as not to be blinded by the glitter of gold and precious stones. Gold market sold any jewelry until golden ingots cast to order. Among local firms should pay attention to the “Damas”, “Pyue Gold” and “Rivoli”.
How to find: Eastern-poud;

12:00 Grand Mosque Sheikh Zayed

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – one of the largest in the world, a masterpiece of architectural art. The building can accommodate up to 41,000 worshipers, and this is one of the few mosques in the UAE, where they release not only Muslims. The mosque is decorated with 82 domes, thousands of columns, chandeliers, gilded with gold leaf, and the world’s largest handmade carpet. The complex is buried, Sheikh Zayed Road. Surrounding the building sparkling pools further emphasize its beauty.
How to find: between 5th Street and Sheikh Zayed;

14:00 Fish Market

Fish Market is located at the port of Mina Zayed. Here you can watch the fishermen unload their catch on the wharf and traded with many buyers. Dhow (single-masted vessel) located the restaurant “Al Dhafra Dinner Cruise.” The upper deck is furnished in traditional style, on the bottom you can hide from the heat and choose for lunch dish of fresh fish.
How to find: Al-Mina district, the fish market;

16:00 Shopping Centre “Avenue fl Etihad Towers”

Here you can find many of the most exclusive and expensive boutiques in the world. Among the many brands represented – celebrities such as Burberry, Cartier, Manolo Blahnik, and Versace. After walking around the shops, you can climb to the 74th floor of one of the towers in the complex “Etihad Towers” and admire the city from the observation deck at 300 meters.
How to find: West Corniche Street, opposite the hotel “Emirates Palace”. Hours lookout – from 10:00 to 18:00 daily. Entrance fee – 50 dirhams;

18:00 Shopping Centre “Marina Mall”

Shopping center “Marina Mall” has become one of the most popular places in Abu Dhabi thanks to a variety of restaurants and coffee shops where you can spend an entire day. There is also a store of UAE “Yas Perfume”, which specializes in producing removed (incense resin agar wood), as well as satisfying the oil used as a perfume and incense. Choosing a fragrance, do not forget to pick up a decorative bottle storage.