SsangYong presented unusual concepts

SsangYong presented unusual concepts

SsangYong presented unusual concepts

Just over the last couple of years the automaker SsangYong showed at various auto shows six concept cars. And this year at the Motor Show in Geneva, it was added to the seventh. They became the crossover XLV. The new car is unusual, at least three factors.

Firstly, the design developments that manufacturers used in the new SsangYong will later be used in other models of this manufacturer. Secondly, it is this concept should be the basis for a new car company who are going to release into production in 2015. And this despite the fact that the previous prototypes none to serial production never reached. And thirdly, SsangYong XLV different unusual interior with the landing formula 2 + 2 + 2 + 1. Passenger seats in the car are arranged in such a way that you can move the center between the second and third row of seats.

SsangYong presented unusual concepts

Skeptics, however, argue that the dimensions of all the crossover 4430 cm, which is not much longer than the popular ssangyong Actyon (4410 cm), the third row of seats is rather a formality. Height – 1600 cm, width – 1845 cm, and the magnitude of the wheelbase is two sets of lithium-ion batteries.

If we talk about the exterior of the new car, experts say that the design of this SUV is a demonstration of how the cars of the future will look. The first striking a massive front bumper, huge air intakes and tilted forward wide rear rack.

It is worth noting that the company has decided to pay attention to SsangYong and electric vehicles. For example, in Paris, was presented an unusual crossover on electricity, equipped with solar panels e-XIV.

According to the manufacturers, “green” SsangYong is equipped with 108-horsepower electric motor and lithium-ion batteries capacity of 16 kilowatts. On the roof of the car has 12 solar panels that provide the air conditioner, multimedia system, electrical and lighting SsangYong e-XIV.

Salon eco-crossover made their carbon fiber is eclectic styles. Passenger and driver’s seats are comfortable bucket shape and regulated in all planes.

Motorists can only wait until these promising new product will be released in mass production.

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