03.05.2014 8:54

Starting a business – Are you ready to become a businessman?

Are you ready to become a businessman? This question may seem a little bit banal and uncompromising, but still try for themselves to answer it honestly.

All the matter is that our people lately really want to earn big money. Some of them are looking for ideas for business, other – magic potions and spells to uttering them in an instant become millionaires. And the interesting fact that many dream of fame and money, lying down with a bottle of beer on the couch watching TV.

Such people believe that once they dopyut beer rise, wave your hand and … voila – the whole world would be at their feet.But all is not so simple. To become a businessman not enough to simply read “book smart”, watch TV programs and know what “demand” and “supply.” Just enough to know the theory of marketing, management, and have a diploma from the IBA.After all, the entire stage of becoming a businessman very interesting and challenging. It begins with the four basic functions of management:

  • planning – at this stage you have to come up with a unique idea and a cool business in which you yourself have believed and were ready to implement it to the end;
  • organization – this stage of its implementation is complex, because you need to build a business plan, to draw an organizational structure, find assets, people, investments;
  • motivation – after people found a business machine running – you need to motivate staff to achieve their own goals, to improve corporate spirit – you can do it the promise of good salaries and bonuses, rapid career growth, etc.;
  • control – after the business up and running – it is necessary to constantly monitor and solve many issues and problems that appear during its functioning.

And if you perform on his new venture all of these functions when the draw goal, find the means to achieve it and start working – then you can safely congratulate – a tiny step towards success you have committed. There are still a thousand of such steps.

Well, are you ready to become a businessman? Ready to go their own way of development, turn knurled road and start to pave his own path to success, wealth, fame? If yes – then welcome to the club.