One step to perfection: a review of its flagship smartphone HTC One...

One step to perfection: a review of its flagship smartphone HTC One (M8)


March 26 went on sale a high-end smartphone from HTC. “Wovow “excited to share all the details about the new device.

Last year HTC One was a kind of creative and technical crown of searching. It really bluntly, an excellent device. Powerful, unique, interesting design and sverhkachestvennym display. Even proprietary shell Sense for Android looked great – a rare phenomenon. Cons devaysa, of course, also have been: weak battery and a very, very average camera, especially against competitors. Overall HTC One sold well, at least the company does not consider it a mistake to release. But to position Apple and Samsung was still far away.

Now, looking at the new flagship of the same name, much becomes clear. HTC is not trying to sell more of the same smartphone and do not spend money on marketing fabulous as some companies (yes, Samsung, we are talking about you). It makes quality products for those who want to buy something really worthwhile. And nothing else new HTC One M8 can not be named.

Looks great smartphone. Its monolithic body made ​​of aluminum, it feels very nice in hand. It really premiumnyh apparatus. First HTC One was perhaps the most beautiful Android-smartphone of all. So, fortunately, the design as a whole remained the same, there were several changes and they all went to the benefit of the gadget. Angles, for example, become more rounded. By images can not understand how well technically assembled unit. The display has been increased to five inches (4.7), but the dimensions of the smartphone is almost not affected. Screen – Full HD, great color rendition, at this point in the phone all right.

In the “chest” of the new flagship beats newest Snapdragon 801 with a frequency of 2.3 GHz. Such capacity, together with two gigabytes of RAM, enough for smooth operation of even the most demanding games and applications. In general, the filling – a real High-End, everything is as it should be.

The biggest changes were the interface and control. First, the system became virtual buttons, that is displayed on the screen. Secondly, a proprietary shell Sense updated to the sixth version (it is now called Sixth Sense – “sixth sense”). Swipe left on the desktop can cause BlinkFeed – news reader. It works flawlessly and sometimes it can be really usefully pass a minute or two in traffic or on the subway.

Unlock button display smartphone users click on a hundred times a day, and HTC has found the perfect way to make their lives easier. Lock-button is still located at the top, which is not very convenient, but thanks to the new features, the need for using it simply disappears. Smartphone sensors work even when it is locked. Lock can be removed simply by tapping a finger on the display. Swipe to the side can also run your favorite applications, the display at the same time, again, can be locked.

To answer an incoming call by simply holding the phone to your ear – no clicks to make unnecessary. In general, this approach is good, use the new One has become very convenient.

Developers also significantly improved battery. Phone can now safely work 48 hours in active mode: social networks, messages, surfing the internet and so on. In the game, of course, all this time not lose – sit down much earlier. Also added energy-saving mode, which can include a longer battery life for a few more days. And this is a big step forward.

Device memory can be expanded through a slot for an SD-card, the maximum supported size – 128 GB. This place is more than enough to store huge music collection on your phone.

Now, unfortunately the bad. Critical minus M8 – camera. It is very, very mediocre. Of course, in the new firmware has a lot of interesting filters and modes, but the overall situation, they have little effect. Technology UltraPixel remained in place, the technical resolution of the matrix – 4 megapixels, even the front camera of the same number it more. The pictures are quite blurry, lack clarity, color and contrast. But over the main lens is optional, it can be “refocus” already made ​​photos, the effect is interesting and deserves attention. But even last year’s Galaxy S4 in this aspect is a cut above One, what can we say about the flagships from Nokia and iPhone 5S.

The smartphone also not waterproof, would like to see the next generation of One possessed this quality.

Sum, frankly, impressive. Is he worth the money? If the camera – not the main argument when choosing a smartphone – yes, without a doubt worth it. HTC One – is a stylish, powerful, and simply the best Android-based smartphone of all existing in the market. However, in the near future will come two of its main competitor – Sony Xperia Z2 and Samsung Galaxy S5. But it is already clear that HTC came to the production of its flagship with great diligence.

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