Steven Moffat and Sue Virtue: “We have the story of the fourth...

Steven Moffat and Sue Virtue: “We have the story of the fourth and fifth seasons”


Steven Moffat, creator and writer of the series “Sherlock», and Sue Virtue, producer of the show about the famous detective, shared their plans for the future and indicated a willingness to return to the screen with the fourth and fifth seasons.

Possible spoilers! 
Were not you afraid that the two-year break between the second and third season will cause the fall of audience interest?

Sue Virtue: When doing the filming, two years does not seem quite so long term.We certainly bother the question of whether to return to screens devoted fans.Fortunately, in England alone, we have set a new record for yourself to display. Now our viewers want to quickly see a sequel, but because we have already started work on the fourth season. At the moment we are trying to find the time in our work schedules. Benedict said that in February will be free, but I’m afraid so quickly write the script will fail.

Steven Moffat: We were hoping that the audience of the series will grow with every season. Usually the audience’s interest is gradually reduced, and only a rare project fails to gain new fans. Fans of the series had to wait a couple of years, but we did not sit around during the break, and Martin and Benedict continued to please moviegoers roles in cinema.

Now the work depends on the schedules of Benedict and Martin?

Steven Moffat: Yes, we have to take into account the employment of our stars in the big film productions. But it is better we will work that way because otherwise no continuation in “Sherlock” will not. If we were shooting for six to twelve episodes at a time, the series would have ended on the second or even the first season. Our star just could not make time for their roles. We love the show, and therefore will seek to extend its life on television for many years. Look, even in America is becoming more and more popular model series in the 12-13 season. The only way to get rid of migratory episodes and keep the actors who have acquired celebrity status.Force them to be on the set of nine consecutive months – a very difficult task.

Rumor has it that the fourth season can go on the screens for the next Christmas.

Sue Virtue: I heard about it. We will make every effort to organize the shooting as soon as possible, but I can not promise anything.

Steven Moffat: That will depend on when we appear ready to hand the script episodes of the new season. If this all there is free time, we will immediately start shooting. But haste to anything here, because you need to maintain the highest quality of the series. Of “Sherlock” will disappear once all the magic, if we turn the hard work in assembly-line production.

Do you have a ready plot of the fourth season?

Steven Moffat: There is not only the story of the fourth, but the fifth season. We unfortunately do not have huge trailers, as Benedict and Martin, but because one day we were hiding from the rain in the accounting department. Were talking about what we prepare our heroes in the new season. In the process of brainstorming came to light with great ideas, unexpected plot twists and new kliffhengery.

Sue Virtue: And with me for some reason no such plans are not shared. I know what will happen in the fourth season, but the fifth for me – a mystery.