New super stocky smartphone Senseit R450 Review

New super stocky smartphone Senseit R450 Review

New super stocky smartphone Senseit R450 Review

The harsh weather and environmental conditions conventional smartphones are starting to work poorly or not at all withstand loads. This inevitably leads to breakage of devices and their owners remain without communication with the outside world – one on one with wild nature.

To avoid such situations – and there are special protected smartphones. One of them will be discussed in this review, meet new smartphone Senseit R450 review – super stocky smartphone.

Appearance: smartphone Senseit R450 review

The smartphone Senseit R450 review – a classic representative of its kind. The smartphone looks the most reliable solid block. Of course, such a brutal design is more suitable for men. But it is quite possible that the girls pay attention to this device, due to its significant advantages and high reliability.

New super stocky smartphone Senseit R450 Review

The smartphone Senseit R450 review is made of a standard candy bar, housing material – impact resistant high-quality plastic. The side panels have a non-slip coating, so the device most closely fits the hand.

Design feature smartphone Senseit R450 review are physical buttons – make a call, home and end the call, which is located under the device screen. Just at the bottom of the right-hand side of the casing, there is a customizable button SOS, which often occurs at these smartphones. About its features, we’ll talk later.

Diagonal news screen – 4.5 inches, the resolution is 854×480 pixels. The matrix is made on IPS technology – viewing angles, brightness, and contrast of the image does not disappoint. It is worth noting here that there is an air layer between the protective glass screen and the display itself. This decision is due to the high degree of protection of the smartphone from moisture and dust to IP67 protocol.

Filling: smartphone Senseit R450 review

The smartphone Senseit R450 review is powered by a 4-core processor MediaTek MTK6735M and GPU Mali-T720, complemented by a bunch of 1 GB RAM and 8 GB of internal memory which can be expanded with microSD cards up to 32 GB.

The device operates with a micro-SIM card and supports a network of 4th 4G / LTE generation. To navigate using satellite communication module A-GPS / GPS.

Capabilities: smartphone Senseit R450 review

The synthetic test AnTuTu performance machine dials total 23043 points. Yes, the performance of the device does not fall into the list of its advantages, especially compared to other smartphones.

New super stocky smartphone Senseit R450 Review

On the other hand, it is enough for comfortable work and performs all the basic functions that may be required “in the field”.

Multimedia features smartphone Senseit R450 review include listening to music, watching Full HD video and even passing unpretentious games. The only consequence of low productivity is the inability to run demanding game projects, but this is unlikely to upset the future owners.

New super stocky smartphone Senseit R450 Review

Do not forget that this is a protected gadget that follows the principles of maximum reliability and simplicity, without excess and technical “bloat”. Its mission – to “survive” where no other gadget can not and Senseit R450 cope with this mission!

Camera: smartphone Senseit R450 review

The smartphone Senseit R450 review two cameras – front with a 2-megapixel matrix and the main with a resolution of 8 megapixels. Both cameras are equipped with autofocus. Under the main camera lens, LED flash located – everything is standard.

Pictures of good quality can be obtained only when there is sufficient light, and the front camera resolution is sufficient for a comfortable communicating via video conference.

Also, the main smartphone camera can record video with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels and 30 frames per second.

Features: smartphone Senseit R450 review

Senseit R450 has unique features, which include:

• Adjustable the SOS button, which is programmed via the menu smartphone settings and can perform not only the function of the emergency but also run a variety of applications. There are two scenarios for the use of keys for different pressings – short and long.
• Pre-branded program – “Smart Socket 2.0”, which allows you to control the electrical “smart” house (planning mode, turn on and off appliances remotely, etc.) and the application “Mobitreker”, which allows you to track the location of other devices have been added to a network (this program can be useful, for example, to search for lost in the woods hiking participants).
• Protection against dust and moisture into the protocol IP67 smartphone that also allows you to immerse the gadget up to 30 minutes at a depth meter, without any consequences.
• High-capacity battery – 3000 mAh, taking into account the low-resolution display provides up to 12 hours of your smartphone talk time and up to 600 hours of standby time. This is extremely important in the field when you simply do not have access to an electrical outlet.
• The latest version of the operating system Android 6.0 in “pure” form, without predefined skin, which ensures smooth operation of all elements of the system and allows the current version of any application from the Play Market.
• Support networks of the 4th generation 4G / LTE – it is not necessary to explain that in the XXI century, fast access to the Internet is necessary as air and Senseit R450 will provide the owner of a high-speed connection to the World Wide Web.


New super stocky smartphone Senseit R450 Review

The smartphone Senseit R450 review – a very interesting class representative protected smartphone that meets all requirements for the reliability of these devices. Its purchase will be highly relevant for active recreation and sport, especially in winter. The smartphone has impressive security features and compared to peers, not far behind in the performance of the devices in this segment. Senseit R450 – a reliable assistant, who did not let you down even in the most extreme conditions of use, and is a perfect gift for the New Year!

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