How to stop snoring caused by different reasons

How to stop snoring caused by different reasons


Snoring can significantly reduce the quality of life together. How to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon, read on.

Bray, published by some people at night, interfering with sleep around, causing harm to the body with the snorer.In the old days people budivshih their home snoring, sleep sent outside the village – or to not interfere with, or attempted to fix this your disadvantage.

Morals of the people today are much milder and more tolerant, but very few people want to husband, wife or child at midnight poured noisy trills. For this reason, many who suffer from this problem, trying to get rid of it. How to stop snoring, restoring your health and establish personal life is known to many experts, and they will gladly help everyone.

Causes and consequences of snoring

The most common causes of night snoring are adenoids and deviated septum. Adenoids are more common in children, and the second problem manifests itself in adult males, damaged or broken nose in a fight. If snoring is caused by these reasons, then snoring in the morning is almost always a bad headache.

Asthma is also considered one of the main causes of snoring. In this disease, the upper part of the trachea sometimes narrowed, making it difficult for air inlet and outlet. The problem is usually solved by taking the drug at bedtime, but there are exceptions.

The most dangerous cause of snoring, often resulting in death, is obstructive sleep apnea. Apnea – is the cessation of breathing, and it can last for a few seconds, and up to the moment of clinical death. This syndrome is diagnosed very hard and can be detected only close during sleep.

Consequences of snoring is also very dangerous. Soft tissue components of the nasopharynx and the back of your throat, begin to lose their structure and sag, which leads to a whole range of various unpleasant symptoms.Muscle language ceases to keep the body at night, and when sleeping on the back that may fall into the throat, leading to a slow and painful death.

Treatment and prevention of snoring

In olden snoring “treated” very simple: banned person to sleep on her back, tying her to a small, but inconvenient to. Man with a log attached to the back was forced to sleep on your side or stomach, and any attempt to roll over on his back ended in failure. As a consequence, the snoring stopped.

However, it is rather a half-measure – still, that during the confusion close your eyes and assume that because it is not visible – so everything is cleaned. Modern medicine offers therapy that really is the answer to the question how to get rid of snoring.

Method CPAP helps patients with asthma and people with proven obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Air mask worn on a person’s face before going to bed, does not interfere with sleep, but at regular intervals pumps and pumps the air, mimicking healthy breathing. As a result, the soft tissue tone and get back to normal.

For people with adenoids or a deviated septum yield much simpler: a short operation will help to get rid of that, and from another problem, and with them with a probability of 95% will disappear and unpleasant night snoring.