09.05.2014 6:18

On the streets of Dutch cities will musical boxes

Littering is bad, but whether from over-employment, whether from lack of education, some people, unfortunately, forget about it. As you know, clean, not where clean, and where do not litter. It is for this reason that in the Netherlands and there was “smart” trash can for cigarette butts. Created a unique urn Dutch and Turkish designers, and named his creation as Fumo.

When someone drops a cigarette butt in a trash special compartment, Fumo begins to play the melody in approval. Just a player “smart” trash cans a few hundred tracks. Much more interesting that seeing with the camera man who is likely to smoke, urn Fumo can play one of several options for record, which will be discussed that litter on the street is bad and it is best to get rid of the stub using Fumo.

It is also interesting that in the trash can recognize Fumo is very difficult because the device looks like a kind of black high chimney with lights that blink from time to time to attract attention. Fumo also bulbs blink at the time of audio playback.

At the moment there is only one single bin, which installed near a prestigious hospital in Amsterdam. Urn has managed to attract the attention of both hospital staff and patients, as well as passers-by, who drew attention to Fumo not lazy smoke three or four cigarettes at a time to experiment with unusual design utilization. It is expected that if Fumo interested citizens, and well manifest itself in the course of similar anti-smoking urns appear in all cities of the country.