Wants to learn to deal with stress? These 15 tips will help...

Wants to learn to deal with stress? These 15 tips will help you to make your life easier.

Wants to learn to deal with stress? These 15 tips will help you to make your life easier.

Our life is full of stress and unexpected situations, but do not be discouraged every time you have something does not work, or on the nose of the responsible thing, because then you can just go crazy. Better to try to become a kind of psychologist and try to analyze what is happening in general and the behavior of other people in particular. The following tips will help you in this.

  1. If you someone yells, try not to take it personally and react calmly. Most likely, this behavior you got angry interlocutor even more, but be sure he soon will experience a sense of guilt.
  1. You want to feel happy – smile broadly. We prove that the facial expression affects our emotions, so we recommend to smile as often as possible in order to be in a good mood.
  1. If you want to ask for some small favor – start with more. A person will be uncomfortable to refuse you a second time.
  1. During the call, try to maintain eye contact with someone. It is believed that this increases the likelihood feel mutual sympathy.
  1. If during the discussion of important issues do you expect from someone harsh criticism – try to sit next to that person. It is likely that in this case it will be less severe to you than the distance.
  1. Try to avoid the phrases “I feel” and “I think”, especially at the beginning of sentences. This gives your speech unnecessary uncertainty.
  1. Psychologists recommend to chew gum before an important conversation or business. On a subconscious level meals are associated with security, so that it will help you calm down a little.
  1. If you want to learn more about the attitude of people in the same company, to each other, tell a funny joke and watch the reactions of others. It is believed that, laughing, we instinctively look to the person to whom feel sympathy.
  1. During the course of the interview try to imagine that the person who takes you to work – your good friend. This will help you calm down and feel freer.
  1. If you work with people, many of which are often quite rude – try to establish a workplace mirror opposite. Most visitors will be uncomfortable to behave impolitely, as they see themselves from the side.
  1. Try to look at stress as a challenge to which you are bound to the right. This will reduce its negative impact.
  1. If you’re planning a first date – it is better to spend a good location that is sure to cause pleasant experiences you both. After that you will be associated in humans with positive emotions.
  1. Try to always be sure of what you are doing. Confidence attracts other people.
  1. If you look happy and pleasantly excited when meeting a man, the next time you will cause him such emotions.
  1. If you are unhappy with the response of the interlocutor – not asks him. Just gaze into his eyes and be sure – he continued his speech.

Try to use these tips, and you’ll probably learn to take life easier and pay less attention to the stress. And so it is necessary for each of us. Share this article with your friends – surely these Life hacking will be useful for them!