Student created for Rolls-Royce yacht

Student created for Rolls-Royce yacht


 A little-known designer figured out how you can apply in the design of luxury yachts branded items and automobile brand created for Rolls-Royce ship that may never see the sea.

Designer Rolls-Royce could be anyone – would be intelligence and talent. These two qualities are fully present Stephen Monroe, a student of the Faculty of transport design at Coventry University. Therefore, completing the course and passing an internship at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Monroe had the opportunity to develop a concept yacht 450EX. Of course, this is just a student project, which officially will not be associated with the brand Rolls-Royce.

450EX name refers to the traditional way of giving names to their brand concepts. In particular, the numbers 450 mean the length of the yacht in feet (45.0 feet, equivalent to 13.7 meters), and the letters EX stands for “experimental concept.” Before a student task was to demonstrate how you can use in the production of motor yachts elements luxury brand, like Rolls-Royce. Monroe designed the hull, using features and principles inherent in the external appearance of cars Rolls-Royce. Student “equipped” salon 450EX four passenger seats and two pilot seats. Headrests are decorated with the letter R. It is also famous yacht is equipped with a bathtub.

“The project has demonstrated my ability to understand and interpret the brand’s design language and use it in the design alternative sector – says Stephen Monroe. – In turn, the market for yachts and luxury cars on the market there are many common points, the total customer base. ” Since the 450EX – just a concept yacht may never come into production. She is now the headquarters of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood UK.

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