The most stylish street stellar images week

The most stylish street stellar images week


Week, as usual, we complete overview dresses celebrities – traditionally street. Vote who of stars this time demonstrated a sense of style and good taste.


«Angel» Victoria’s Secret is not only good in lingerie and not only on the pages of gloss. In everyday life, it is just as charming. For a walk she chose a black dress with an asymmetrical bottom, adding a comfortable sandals and a small handbag – well, glasses and, of course, to hide his eyes from the flashes of cameras.


Actress Reese Witherspoon is true to itself. We have already seen it in a similar way, but they do go to her, and besides, it looks harmonious and stylish. Reese secret is simple: tight cropped jeans , blouse and jacket plus accessories both in tone and in contrast. Contrast in this case bag, but it is combined with the color of pedicure. Plus a separate color for the dress – they are very refreshing, so you can take note.


Sofia Vergara – the person is bright and prominent. Her figure and temperament it emphasizes and casual clothes. Photographers captured her hustling for ultraoblegayuschih in jeans and top free (by the way, on the back of a top notch). Clothing extremely simple, but noticeable accessories – earrings, bracelets, roomy bag and sandals on impossibly high heels.


Jeans – versatile clothing. But not all the stars move only in jeans. Actress Dianna Agron prefers dresses, and they go to her. And she is not afraid to combine different prints, but because of the presence in the total white clothes all the other shades together quite harmoniously. Overall, femininity and courage – a plus.


Another lover of femininity – Taylor Swift. Only she chose monochrome prints. Her dress in black and white. Incidentally, such an arrangement of white inserts – a great way to visually draw the shape and slightly extend the hip. All accessories in black dress, but it gloomy from not. Well, the main emphasis in makeup – long a favorite Taylor red lipstick.


Vanessa Hudgens by his example showed that sports attire can look beautiful and interesting. Actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens was a workout – it was cropped leggings, sweatshirt and sneakers. Like all the most common, but floral print hoodies we loved, and chosen model of sneakers in the latest fashion.



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