20.11.2014 4:03

Subaru BRZ has received the highest rating for safety

Another series of crash tests conducted by the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. According to test results car Subaru BRZ and is his clone Scion FR-S were awarded Top Safety Pick. For treasured plus to this title, which would mean that the car is the safest among all modern cars, not enough sports car quite a bit.

Top Safety Pick is a confirmation that the car; he is the best of the best and earned the highest scores in all tests. The more of these vehicles on the roads, the less will be demanded payment of victims of road accidents. After all, anything can happen on the road.

Today in the protocol IIHS includes 5 types simulate collisions. Four of them involve a frontal attack with an overlap of 40%, rear impact, and side impact and simulation revolution – both cars received the highest marks for safety. But the fifth test – frontal impact with an overlap of 25% – several of them disappoint.

Subaru BRZ has received the highest rating for safety

The last test was introduced recently. He has the most serious impact on the power frame cars due to the fact that the impact of asymmetric, besides falls on the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle. Experts explained that due to the high probability of bias partitions the pedal and the engine compartment driver run the risk of fractures of the lower limbs. But in this case the upper part of the body is protected by a very reliable.

However, there is another problem that prevented the two sports cars to get the title Top Safety Pick + – they do not have an active system to prevent head-on collisions.

But, despite this, Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S joined the car Toyota GT 86, which are the same evaluation was 2 years ago. Subaru in this year noted and takes the lead among the cars tested IIHS this year. The car immediately won seven awards Top Safety Pick.