22.03.2014 10:38

Suit with the tide – and the jungle

In the box office has launched a new cartoon studio 20th Century Fox Animation (gave us “Ice Age”) “Rio 2” – continued adventures Blue parrot home from a rare subspecies of blue macaws, his beloved Jewel, best friends in the face with a beer cap canaries as a headdress , fat-waxwing, an optimist, a toucan, and Nigel villain – the tired white cockatoo, similar to chicken. However, in the sequel, the villain becomes not Nigel, but man …

So, Blu and Jewel “married” and got offspring – three wonderful kids restless, I mean small macaws. And they supposedly perfect: pancakes for breakfast, warm cozy apartment in Rio … But Linda ornithologist, the former owner of Blue, during an expedition to the Amazon jungle wild detects traces of other blue macaws who were virtually extinct. And then persuades Jewel Blue dusty leave town and go nezagazovannym breathe air in dense thickets of the Amazon, where lots and lots of wild monkeys, snakes, crocodiles and poisonous spiders. Armed with a bag on the tourist belt, tooth electrobrush, refreshing candies, GPS and multi-function folding knife with spoon and fork, Blue with all honest company leaves Rio de Janeiro and moved to the tropical jungle …


And who would have thought that there for our dear Blue accustomed to comfortable city life and amenities of civilization, not only topple big hairy spiders and brazil nuts, but stern father-singing-haired dandy-rival Roberto snooty red poppies and irrepressible craving revenge Nigel, who escaped from the bazaar huckster that turned him into a bird, tell fortunes. But the worst thing – the jungle people fall …

Like the original “Rio,” “Rio 2” – a witty jokes, colorful characters and fiery Latin song and dance. “Yes, we’re all blue” – mockingly meet wild macaws heard stilyazhnoe name Blue. “So you – home animal …” – sarcastically imposes formidable father-and then calls the Blue Sue, then Drew (and takes the canary hat-cap, because they do not belong here in the jungle free wilderness, human veshchichkami). Popo-dancing in the spirit of J. Lo, new version “I Will Survive”, chic tortoise kapoeyrovtsy and equally lovely sloth masterovito rapping sharply hibernate in mid-sentence – and that’s not all the beauty of the new “Rio”.

One of the highlights (in all senses) newcomers heroes – horny poisonous frog vigorous pink color over heels in love with … Nigel (and in the final lusty lady, of course, his seeking, and this scene is reminiscent of an episode of the famous comedy “Trading Places” gorilla in a cage, that is one of this gorilla and a man in a gorilla suit).


Blue will not only prove that he – not handmade animal home and that not all people – enemies, but also to save the jungle from stinker with lollipop illegally felled virgin forest. At this time, “Rio” is not just entertaining, but also teaches children, affecting serious environmental problems. Last time the same task set himself cartoon “The Lorax”, but the creators of expressive, vibrant, enchanting “Rio” got clearer and much livelier.

See it all! Appreciate the best!