What takes away the soul of a champion Zonda “Formula 1”

What takes away the soul of a champion Zonda “Formula 1”

What takes away the soul of a champion

This is the supercar made ​​favorite toy Lewis Hamilton, recently won the first ever Grand Prix. British – one of only four owners of this unique machine. And we have to work at the legendary magazine evo, to test such a unique car …

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Some people are never satisfied 100 percent. Inquire about this at least Signor Horacio Pagani, founder and owner of the eponymous Italian company. He was firmly convinced that the 680-strong Zonda Cinque Roadster, worth half a million pounds would be the most recent version of the supercar – and did not expect the incredible persistence with which one of the regulars tried to get the then-existing in nature is not a road version of the 750-strong Zonda R. The same one that was originally intended only for the conquest of the racetrack.

What takes away the soul of a champion "Formula 1"

Of course, the owners of “Erki” (which in the world only a dozen) would not be difficult to gain access to the ring road. But for many (ahem … shall we say – a large percentage of the owners) Zonda R was too uncompromising. As a result, Pagani and his associates in the form of fanatical team of engineers spent a whole year to build the car, which will be discussed, – Zonda 760RS. Or La Bestia, affectionately nicknamed her creators.

I learned about this car by accident during one of his visits to the factory Pagani. In the far corner of the studio, I noticed a well shabby prototype Zonda, the form of which alerted me: the location of the transmission case to make clear that this, ancient by the standards of Pagani car set a new unit. But why? After all, with the advent of an heir in the form of work to improve the Huayra Zonda should be discontinued.

After a long siege, Mr. Pagani, I learned the answer to your question. It all started with the fact that specialists AMG (supplying Pagani motors) found an opportunity to increase the impact of standing on most versions of the Zonda engine capacity of 7.3 liters with 680 hp (Version Cinque) right up to the 760 This proved very useful. After all, there was no reason to make a road version Zonda R less powerful than the prototype track – but standing on the “Erke” racing engine capacity of 6 liters (in the late nineties, he was standing on the Carleman sportprototipy Mercedes-Benz) there was no way to adjust to modern standards on a resource, noise and emissions. Now, nothing prevented to take the job.

The second problem has just been Transmission: 6-speed sekventalka appeared on the version of the Cinque, did not provide the same switching speed as the machine on the Zonda R. Therefore, for the new version prepared 7-speed robotic sekventalku with a completely new filling consisting of a so-called supersinhronizatory.

What takes away the soul of a champion "Formula 1"

Machines for the price of one and a half million pounds of carbon-ceramic brakes – a mandatory item in the list of standard equipment.Zonda 760RS – is no exception.

Nicknamed La Bestia definitely suits the car. Appearance 760RS immediately struck me as awesome due to a combination of shiny unpainted carbon panel (their quality is just perfect!) And black discs with a matte texture. The abundance of black shade only gray calipers and silver strip an inch thick along the side of the machine.

Hard to know where to start exactly when the issue comes to the transfer of all the nuances of the machine. But let’s start with a new rear wing monstrous proportions – at two of its regulated pylons it sits even higher than the wing Cinque. Everything else it has become wider. Immediately – a new “fin” at high speeds it does move towards more stable wing airflow. On the front end you will notice a couple of new vents – they help the flow to avoid areas of turbulence caused by the rotation of the front wheels. The only embarrassing part I – the strange LED lights, located directly under the headlights. They supercar like smiling – and, in my opinion, it does not fit into its overall awesome image.

First glimpse of the car, I’ll get behind the wheel test prototype, pursuing the factory test driver David Testi – he will manage client 760RS, which must break in and check before shipping to South Africa. However, behind the wheel of a client machine, I was also able to sit down – her generous customer evo allowed to make a little test drive, for which we are incredibly grateful.

Nothing can inspire more than the roar of two unhappy snorting 12-cylinder engines, whose total working volume of close to 15 liters. Sitting in the test car, I pull over right column switch and turn on the first gear. Tronuvshis smoothly, I leave behind David on the road, bathed in bright sunlight.

What takes away the soul of a champion "Formula 1"

How often on the way to work you see a couple of really extreme supercars, flying one after another through the morning rush hour? Must be due to carbon body two meters wide, the rear wing, which will not be lost even on a military airbase, and the most extreme rear diffuser that I have ever seen outside of the racetrack, these Zonda half asleep traffic Matins Bologna look surreal.

In those places where the road is clearly visible, I try to keep up with the “master.” The nature of the acceleration with an upgraded V12 quite expressive – but it’s hard to determine at what point in the game come 80 “extra” horsepower. I think, to bring the same Cinque 760RS and a common denominator does not allow the difference in gear ratios. The good news is that the cut-off is now at 500 turns “on” – at around 7500 rev / min. In this way, every time you switch on the speed drop is not so much, and the acceleration is a more intense. Can not wait to get behind the wheel of the client machine. I was told that it is 200 kg lighter than the test – this was made possible thanks to a new (unique!) Technique carboxylic mounting panels, active use of the carbon fiber and titanium in the construction of “cockpit”, as well as titanium suspension elements.

What takes away the soul of a champion "Formula 1"

When you try to open the door, I find that it is much easier to 760RS. But to tighten the black Alcantara “bucket” must climb through a fairly wide threshold. Falling into a new kokonoobraznoe seat, I immediately plunged into darkness. The only bright aluminum parts – spoke steering wheel. All other elements of the front panel are made of cold-looking black anodized aluminum.

I’m in the hands of the most extreme road Zonda, but all qualities of her younger sisters – including ease of operation – I feel full. Character was exemplary, and the suspension is easy to “swallow” the irregularities that seem deadly for sitting so low, literally priklennoy to the asphalt machine.

What takes away the soul of a champion "Formula 1"

It is believed that the 760RS was built in a single copy – on some of the details you can even see the designation “1.1”. In fact, several of these machines, just each of them is assigned an index. For example, a machine built by order of a fan of supercars from Japan (her wing even more than the 760RS), was named 760 Passione.

Torque you have in stock the whole car (peak 778 Nm falls on 4500 r / min). Therefore, there is no difference on what kind of gear you are currently traveling – to describe the acceleration in any case have to use the word “wild.”Plus also sounds every time you press the accelerator pedal furious roar able to truly shocking. Mix the heavy roar of the engine Ferrari Enzo with a howl of a superbike engine that twist up to the cut-off – and still get a little idea about the blood-battle cry, which publishes this crazy Zonda. As the storm winding desert road leading to the hidden high in the hills behind the small town of Maranello Zokka, four exhaust pipes at each downshifts published incredibly loud crack, followed by runs around the entire valley shock waves. Tossing between the mountains you can listen to a rolling echo endlessly – you want to make this journey never ends.

This 760RS is able to give so much fun that you will be hard to enjoy it in full, without spilling a drop. But the machines Zonda always were such, and the reason for it – inherent Signor Pagani obsession nuances. Plus the inability of engineers to resist the temptation to change its still a little child, if it will allow the driver to get a little more fun to drive.

What takes away the soul of a champion "Formula 1"

760RS was supposed to be the very last Zonda, but the new “request” from the esteemed customers did not take long. So a 760 Fantasma, rebuilt by order of the Hong Kong businessman broken Zonda F, 764 Passione for some customers from Japan and 760LH for the champion, “Formula 1” by Lewis Hamilton. All of them are different from each other finishing details, but the main highlight was the Hamilton car manual gearbox. “I’m at work and just do what I press on the petals. And when I ride for fun, want to do everything by hand,” – explained their preferences British pilot.

I like his thoughts, but I’m still a fan of robotic boxes. However, no matter what box you choose, to dominate the nature of the Zonda will always be mad engine V12. Yes, one and a half million pounds – a crazy amount of money.But the pleasure of driving 760RS – no less crazy. While most modern supercars are becoming more technologically advanced, Zonda remains true to the old school, and that is, in my opinion, makes the machine truly special.