16.03.2014 8:20

Surfers built “bochkosaunu”

American surfers from New Hampshire created a bath on wheels. It would seem that surfing does not have any relation to the sauna, whirlpool bath, and even, especially those places where they are engaged. But that has not stopped the talented people and they have created perhaps the world’s first mobile bath for surfers. Mobile sauna called Surf Sauna and its main purpose to make winter warmer. As you know, surfing is possible only where the heat and itself are suitable wave. Neither surfer sane and sober will not dare to get on board, where the cold waves, and the beach is covered with sand instead of snow.

Mobile Surf Sauna sauna looks like a huge wooden barrel on wheels lying on its side. Sauna transported by the most ordinary trailer brackets. Externally Surf Sauna reminds tavern giant barrels of ale or wine. In the “bottom” of the barrel is the front door. To “cover”, which looks ahead of the trailer, there is a small window in the upper right corner. Behind the barrels above the door also has a visor, which will protect the outside, such as falling snow or rain.

Another interesting detail Surf Sauna is that on the outside walls barrels are located on special hangers surfboards. Also on these fixtures has some road and camping equipment: ropes, shovels, jacks and other equipment that you may need on the road or on vacation.

As noted by the creators of the board, if necessary, can be removed and used for other purposes, but hardly in the winter in New Hampshire, you can swim at least somewhere in the open air. For this reason, surfboards on Surf Sauna are decorative in nature rather than practical. Barrel sauna project is copyrighted and there is only one copy.