06.01.2015 9:44

Sweden hotel can be booked emplacement

Hospitality – harsh market with fierce competition, where the owners have to constantly invent something new in order to fierce competition and attract new customers. When the standard methods do not work, had to invent and do something out of the ordinary. For example, in Sweden, not so long ago appeared unusual hotel “on wheels”.

On any RV hotel itself is not necessary, in any case, at the time of the direct performance of its obligations to customers. However, the hotel room, offers its guests, has a most convenient address for the client – that what he pleases.

Unusual hotel in one room was set up hotel chain Scandic. Needless to “weapons” in the network is not the only one number. Delivered “hotel” can be any address to any point on the map of Scandinavia. Room service is performed both in towns and in the countryside.

In essence, the mobile hotel Scandic – a container area of ​​18 sq.m. Inside the rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay. Two rooms are bedrooms and a shower room. In the “hotel” is a hot and cold water, electricity and heating. Scandic can work both independently and from communications.

The cost of hiring the hotel is 276 euros per night. If you look at it as a “home service”, the price for the room – quite reasonable. There is a service on the network Scandic for several months. During this time the hotel had time to visit several places in Scandinavia, including outside of Sweden itself. The longest mobile hotel Scandic stayed on the lake in Finland and in the center of Stockholm, where he established with the permission of the authorities to one of the parking lots.