30.05.2014 8:06

In Sydney more than 300 people climbed to the top of the Harbour Bridge, breaking two Guinness record

Sydney took the unusual flash mob that broke two records Guinness . Several hundred people climbed the famous Harbour Bridge in Australia ‘s largest city and deployed hundreds of flags of different countries , reports BBC News.

Just on top of the bridge at the same time there were 340 people. Thus was broken the first record – the number of people on the bridge. The last time , in 2010, when a similar flash mob was held at the construction climbed 319 people – all of them were participants of the famous TV show Oprah Winfrey.

The second record , entered the Guinness Book of Records relating to the number of flags that members deployed on top of the bridge. 219 people held flags of the world , with among them was the Russian national character , which you can see in the video , which publishes the Belfast Telegraph. The previous record was set with the flags of the same in 2010: while there were 143.

Note that the aim of the event was not only to break the world record , but also to raise funds for the campaign against polio. Together with the organization Bridge Climb Sydney, which organized the ascent of the bridge, flash mob led international nongovernmental charitable association Rotary International, which is struggling with the disease worldwide.

One of the members of the organization said that the aim of the campaign was to draw attention to the eradication of polio in the world. According to activists , there are only three countries where polio as a mass disease. It is expected that half of all proceeds from ticket sales for the ascent of the bridge will be donated to the fight against polio .

As for Russia , the residents of Vladivostok is also available in a pocket Guinness record associated with bridges and flags. In July 2013 in Vladivostok City Day was a grand flash mob in which people have made the most extensive picture of the flag of the country. According to official data , in the action at the Golden Bridge involved 26,904 people that exceeded achievement recorded in Pakistan ( 24 200 people).