Tablets Archos 70 and 70b – comparative review

Tablets Archos 70 and 70b – comparative review

Tablets Archos 70 and 70b - comparative review

Archos 70b Helium vs. Archos 70 Platinum. In the new format of the experimental material, we try to find out in which of these devices is greater merit.


His Archos tablet packs in a box with a hinged flap and a detailed list of the main technical characteristics. At the Archos 70 Platinum rectangular box, while the Archos 70b Helium – a square, but on the color and design of the content they like.

Both tablets are sold complete with thick multi-lingual instructions that appear to be a waste of paper, as nothing useful to the user more or less familiar with the Android OS, it does not contain.

Tablets Archos 70 and 70b - comparative review

Package includes Micro-USB cable and adapter for charging from the mains. About complete adapters separately. Since the Archos sells its products worldwide in boxes are unusual modular chargers.

At the Archos 70 Platinum is a small adapter (5V, 1.5A), which by means of two nozzles connected to three common standards sockets. Small and handy, it would be appreciated the travel lovers.

Archos 70b Helium for some reason another model is equipped with a universal charger (5V, 2A), more cumbersome and using nozzles capable to connect only two sockets standards.


At first glance, the plates look like – white frame, the manufacturer’s logo in the lower part, a silver metal back, the plastic buttons on the right at the end of the housing. Headphone jack and charging – top. The light sensor / proximity none or do not have another tablet. Both devices Corps assembled well and tactilely pleasing.

The differences lie in the details. The easiest way to distinguish the Archos Helium by Platinum by the characteristic slit earpiece above the screen and two wide plastic inserts on the back of the device. Under the removable insert at the top Archos 70b Helium hiding dual slot for SIM-cards and a slot for SD-cards up to 64 gigabytes. Archos 70 Platinum can boast support for cellular networks, so that only one slot being used for SD-cards (up to 64GB), is in the left slot on the housing.


On both the tablet pasted film transport, while Archos 70 Platinum at first there is a second – a protective film. These coatings are characterized by low transparency, greatly distort the picture, so that purity they had to remove the comparison.

Tablets Archos 70 and 70b - comparative review

On paper, the characteristics of the TFT IPS matrices are identical. Diagonal – 7 inches and a resolution of 1024×600. Already at the ratio of the diagonal and resolution it becomes clear that the stunning picture should not count. But the screen Archos 70 Platinum hits. Unpleasant. With strong color distortions that turn black in the blue eyes at the slightest deviation from the perpendicular, it was still possible to accept, but to see in 2016 on the “watermark” of the tablet screen (see illustration below) just do not want any user. We hope that this marriage in a particular device, because as the best excuse not to come up.

At Archos 70b Helium such problems are not observed and thus it looks favorable, but low density of pixels per inch, and frankly a little the maximum brightness of the eyes are not encouraging. Oleophobic coating have no screens.


Technical characteristics of both plates are typical for entry-level devices.

Archos 70b Helium has a quad-core Mediatek MT8735M with a maximum frequency of 1 GHz and a graphics core Mali 720 MP1, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB of non-volatile memory.

Tablets Archos 70 and 70b - comparative review

Archos 70 Platinum is also equipped with Mediatek processor, but other series. MT8127 with four cores having a frequency 1.3 GHz is paired with a graphics accelerator Mali-450 MP4, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB of non-volatile memory. Both tablet has an accelerometer.

Comparison of synthetic tests can not identify a clear leader in the performance. Archos 70b Helium has a faster CPU and internal RAM, but its graphics core is inferior in speed Mali-450 MP4, set in the Archos 70 Platinum. This operating system is definitely working responsive to Archos 70b Helium.


Archos 70b Helium is running Android 5.1 Lollipop, Archos 70 Platinum has a little more than an outdated version of the OS – Android 5.0.1 Lollipop. A significant difference in the user experience between them is not, however, Helium system more changes made by the manufacturer.

This technology enhance the sound, the display calibration technology Miravision, application lock function prevents accidental collapse them, as well as built-in utility Archos Fusion Storage, which allows to combine the internal memory to the SD-card into the overall array. The latter is very useful, as 8GB is not enough to install applications.


As communication capabilities, test plates are different. Archos 70 Platinum has the support of Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth, GPS / AGPS. In the case of Archos 70b Helium is added to this list of support fourth-generation networks, implemented by means of two slots for SIM-cards and one radio module. Thanks to him, using the Archos 70b can make calls.

With regard to navigation, the interface speed with satellites at Archos 70b Helium is much higher, and the number of satellites involved more.


Battery Capacity Archos 70b Helium is 2800 mAh, the audit showed that the battery capacity is consistent with the stated. On a full charge the tablet from the included adapter, it took 2 hours and 20 minutes. In Trashbox test autonomy, traditionally performed on 50% brightness in the Chrome browser, Archos 70b Helium worked 6:00 42 minutes.

Battery capacity Archos 70 Platinum 200 mAh below, is 2600 mAh, in practice, it is also consistent with the stated. On a full charge the tablet from the included adapter spent 2 hours and 50 minutes. The battery life is 6 hours and 28 minutes.


According to the manufacturer, both the tablet have a 3 megapixel main camera and 0.3 MP front. Reality somewhat at odds with the list of features presented on the official website of the manufacturer.

Tablets Archos 70 and 70b - comparative review

With the Archos 70b Helium main camera can take pictures of a resolution of 1600×1200 and 1920×1088 video recording. The front camera of the tablet is limited to a resolution of 720×480.

And here at the Archos 70 Platinum, both photographic and same module can take photos and record resolution of 1600×1200 video resolution of 1920×1088. Here are some examples. Odd pictures – Archos 70b Helium, even photos – Archos 70 Platinum. Shooting conditions are the same.

Tablets Archos 70 and 70b - comparative review

Needless to say that these cameras are not suitable for art photography. They are applicable only for utilitarian purposes, such as photographing text or photographic images of a scene.

To summarize tablets Archos 70 and 70b

Archos 70b Helium and Archos 70 Platinum typical representatives of the price category – tablets worth “about 5000 rubles.” Such devices do not have high-end features, but with the basic tasks and manage their customers, no matter what, find.

Careful comparison of the two tablets Archos has shown that if the gaming performance is not only a priority for you, it is better to give preference to Archos 70b Helium. This tablet is more responsive responds quickly to commands, and supports cellular networks fourth generation. The most significant drawback, in view of positioning, is a small amount of internal memory, making use of the SD-card is practically mandatory.

Platinum Archos 70 despite a faster graphics chip, a larger amount of internal memory and, as it turned out, the front camera higher resolution, we did not like. Case in poorer software settings, low latency memory and the interface speed, but mainly in the low-quality screen.

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