11.11.2015 9:07

TAG Heuer Connected: a luxury watch with Intel processor and Android Wear

TAG Heuer comes to market with smart watches TAG Heuer Connected, the first watch with Android Wear.

The TAG Heuer Connected integrates all the benefits of smart Android Wear watches, but has a luxury style and different aspects that allow you to differentiate some others.

SmartWatch or watch intelligent developed in partnership with Intel and Google is not exactly like the other watches with Android Wear. The TAG Heuer Connected is a luxury watch US $ 1,500 that has a titanium body which makes it very light and strong, while its sapphire crystal screen also provides durability to the screen.

TAG Heuer Connected tried that does not look like a traditional smart watch, but has a design that reflects the style that has made the company so popular.

The TAG Heuer watch has a similar like details that set it apart from the Carrera watches from Swiss manufacturer design series. TAG Heuer Connected watch has a round head and includes different watch faces that represent what the manufacturer has developed during its 155 years in the industry.

TAG Heuer Connected: a luxury watch with Intel processor and Android Wear

The watch has a diameter of 46mm, weighs 52 grams and a thickness of 12.8mm, so it is not relatively large and heavy, and is also very light. In addition, the TAG Heuer Connected titanium has a button located towards three o’clock that has recorded the logo of the company.

The TAG Heuer Connected has a plastic strip that includes a closure of titanium. The band is available in green, blue, red, orange, white, black and yellow.

TAG Heuer Connected: Android Wear and apps

Overall, TAG watch the same software runs Android Wear you find in watches as Huawei Watch, the Moto 360 (2015) or LG Watch Urbane. This means that the smart watch TAG Heuer Connected can be synchronized with an Android phone or iPhone to provide different cards Google Now on your wrist, like notifications apps, calls and text, as well as giving the time.

Also, the watch accepts voice commands, monitors the number of steps you walk each day and you can connect to Wi-Fi networks to not always depend on the Internet connection of your phone.

However, not everything you find in the software TAG Heuer Connected find other watches with Android Wear. TAG modified the app alarm, countdown timer and to provide design and animations that best represent a traditional watch.

Likewise, TAG Heuer included some exclusive apps, including Golfshot Pro (golf), RaceChrono Pro (racing) Insiders (lifestyle) and Viewrangers (rides).

TAG Heuer Connected: Specifications

The TAG Heuer Connected has a 1.5 inch screen with a resolution of 360×360 pixels (240ppp), Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11n.

Also, the smart watch TAG has an Intel dual-core processor 1.6GHz and 1GB of RAM would be sufficient to provide a good experience in this kind of device.

4GB of storage allows you to install many apps, like store songs that you listen to through a Bluetooth headset.

Finally, the 410 mAh battery has an estimated duration of a full day, so it will be necessary to charge the watch TAG every day and requires a special charger (included).

TAG Heuer Connected: TAG provides life extension

One of the main problems – or criticism – smart watches is that life is very short due to software updates and hardware that normally bring new generations of electronic devices – especially considering the large investment required luxury watches like this.

TAG Heuer Connected: a luxury watch with Intel processor and Android Wear

However, TAG lets you convert your smart watch TAG Heuer Connected to a traditional mechanical watch after two years.

The TAG Heuer Connected is guaranteed for two years and at the end of this, the company will allow you to exchange it for a watch TAG Heuer Carrera series, but you’ll pay an additional $ 1,500 for this change.