How to teach poetry to the child? Practical tips

How to teach poetry to the child? Practical tips


Why do some children lightning remembering all what they like, and for others to learn a poem – a real problem?

In those families where relatives often and talk a lot with the baby, sing his songs and recite poems, already a year old pipsqueak funny swings and gasps in rhythm of the poem “There is a bull, swinging.” But there are kids for whom remember the verse – a real test. Why? Likely because taught correctly.

We’ll tell you how to teach poetry with the child, given his age, temperament and psychological characteristics, and even literary preferences.


Child to easily memorize the rhyme, you need as soon as possible to acquaint him with the “music” of the poem. Kid still is in a wheelchair and you have him recite rhythmic “Our loudly cries” or “Geese, geese, ha-ha-ha!”. As they grow, this is the first laid in the subconscious experience much easier to allow the child to go through the process of learning.

The most favorable age for learning the poems – in 4-5 years when memory begins to develop at a rapid pace. And if we had just read to your child works – remember that, yes, after four years begins conscious memorization of the text by heart. Learn as much as possible – that’s the best way to generate the desired amount of memory for further study!


Emotionally and with the expression – so should learn a poem, otherwise it will lose all meaning for the child. Sometimes kindergarten teachers wrongly teach children to read poetry blankly. Collective turns into sheer memorization “Na-na, na-na, na-na, na-na …” So take matters into their own hands and try to teach poetry individually! If the kid does not know the beauty of poetry as a child, it is unlikely that he would appeal to her adult life.


If the poem will match temperament and age of the child, it will be easier to learn. It is not necessary to make a four-kid memorize passages from “Eugene Onegin”. Teach him the best children’s classics – Barto, Chukovskogo, Mikhalkov. Calm the kids a better offer verses smooth, measured, but fidgets fit cheerful, rhythmic texts. While they are just learning, then listen to the child’s temperament , because in school, nobody will take into account peculiarities of your baby.


An important point: early unlearning work must necessarily be a gift for someone.

An important point: early unlearning work must necessarily be a gift for someone. Dedicate it to my mother, grandmother, aunt, or Santa Claus. Only 7-8 years old baby will start to realize that poetry can and should be taught for their pleasure.


Before the start of classes, read the text yourself with the expression, but rather memorize. Then be sure to take in the text incomprehensible to the child places or unfamiliar words and explain their meaning. After that, once again you need to read the poem – slowly and with semantic accents. After the second reading tell the kid about when and who wrote this remarkable work, show illustrations in the book. And while the child is looking at them, read the text again.

This approach is easier to perceive the child teaches poetry: it gradually formed an artistic image of the poem. Well, after the preparatory work can begin the process of learning.


Some of us remember the verses easier on the ear, the other – when they walk across the room to the rhythm of the poem, the third certainly need to read the text itself several times, well, the fourth need complete silence and stillness. Depends on this, using what method a person easier to memorize a poem.

Methods of memorizing poems:

  • Hearing. Most common method, it is usually used in kindergarten. First memorized every verse, and then – the whole verse entirely. There is reliance on auditory rhyme.
  • Visual. His often confused with an ordinary book showing pictures. In fact, you are creating a simple “picture-plan” in front of the child at the same time PRACTICING verse. That is, you read a line and portray what it is, separating each image in Figure horizontal line. And then on the plan several times kid tells a poem.
  • Motor. Method is that the child reinforces memorization motor act. So, you can take a thick thread and “pull up into a ball poem”, repeating line after line. And then unwind it. Then he hides behind the handle and pulls for fun ball. As an option – stringing beads, pyramid, buttons.
  • Logical. After preparatory work read the first few lines of the poem , then stop and ask the kid to tell you what happened next, in your own words. Then read since the point at which the child stopped, and then let it continue again. Here the child is based on semantic links and gradually remembers text.

Try one by one each of the methods, and you’ll see exactly how your baby is given easier memorization. By the way, just so we can conclude what kind of memory of the child is paramount. Or maybe you will use several methods, the main thing – the result.


One last tip: Draw with crumbs learned every product. Create your author’s illustrations to it, sign the author and title. And then adds these drawings in a separate folder. In the future will be so nice to see them with family and remembering previously learned poem!

This is a great way to motivate the kid to replenish literary knowledge, and at the same time a kind of counting his achievements.

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