In techno style: test drive of the new Citroen C4 Picasso

In techno style: test drive of the new Citroen C4 Picasso


That for us French cars? In a word, it’s design. A new generation of Citroen C4 Picasso – a design in a square, this car of the future of cinema! Inside a futuristic salon is now smaller and more restrained. But there was from this convenient? And if the new compact van drove faster?

Following our test Citroen C4 Picasso look back on the entire route in Spain, and France. But in Europe, the new sophisticated “Picasso” started selling earlier than in Russia. Is still not seen enough? While I understand the reactions of others. New compact van from Citroen really looks in the stream as if it cine props or concept car, stolen straight from the exhibition. By the way, except for stealing almost everything is so, because the appearance of the new Citroen C4 Picasso taken virtually unchanged from last year’s prototype Technospace.

I’m also not averse to once again admire. See the familiar proportions of the previous model, characterized by a large windshield, wheel in each corner, but otherwise … Former egg-rounded puhlyachka C4 Picasso if time recorded on plastic surgery and fitness. “Pumped up” his hips and thighs, made wider and lower, and shorter “nose” put a two-story optics, while the new C4 Cactus. And get a sort of alien from the near future. Stern look, athletic form and no wavy window sills – old playful aesthetic lines changed laconic style “techno”.

2014 Citroen C4 Picasso

Citroen C4 Picasso is built on a new platform EMP2 (Efficient Modular Platform 2), which is a “Picasso” divides Peugeot 308 second generation, introduced in 2013. Due to the ultra-high steel, aluminum, composite and magnesium parts on the platform 70 pounds lighter, and a whole new C4 Picasso “lost” 140 lbs. At the same wheelbase has grown by 55 mm, but due to the shortened front overhang total body length was reduced by 40 mm. Incidentally kompaktven expanded track for greater stability (82 m in front and 31 mm at the rear), as well as reduced body height by 80 mm.

That salon has become a bit easier: remove some of it in French extravagance. Remember the famous sitroenovskoy wheel with a fixed hub around which revolves the rim? Now the “bagel” traditional and less inclined forward. Although paddle “petals” are still on the column, and they will not reach to where the steering wheel is turned by a large degree. But the two-zone “climate” is now easier to manage. Previously, it was located unusually control – the left of the steering wheel and the passenger to customize a temperature of only the individual buttons to the screen. The control unit is “moved” to the center of the dashboard, where before it can already reach out and “navigator”.

By the way, “the co-pilot” in the new C4 Picasso at all comfortable all on board. For a place to the right of the driver will now argue, because the front seats not only got pnevmomassazher waist. Passenger seat and added a retractable footrest with actuator (option for 39,000 rubles, together with massage). A sort of manners on Mercedes-Benz S-Class, but at a price “Citroen”. And how much fun! Threw back, stretched his legs on a cushion, massage included – Know yourself and lie-lie down in it, “deckchair”, as in business class airplane, meditating on the boundless sky in a panoramic glass roof …

In Russia, the most spirited C4 Picasso becomes THP petrol version with 150-horsepower turbo engine, which gets to our market in June. This engine will be combined with a 6-step “automatic”, which will replace the old robotic CPR. Data on the dynamics yet, but equipped with a “robot” C4 Picasso past generation accelerated to 100 km / h in 9.4 seconds and typed “top speed” of 204 km / h. We hope that through more a smart “machine” the new model will be even faster in acceleration.

After such a relaxation session behind the wheel I sit lazy and half asleep. It would not start nodding off at the wheel, causing the “wake up” position control system on the strip! Somehow wade eyes look – and feel a pang of déjà vu. Yes, the new C4 Picasso took a lot from its predecessor. Huge windshield still gives rise to associations with the “lantern” fighter cockpit. And the sun visors still shifted together with shutters back to reveal more of the sky overhead. Even the old visors, all the same plastic-unpretentious and without illumination zerkalets.

Itself a kind of visibility here. With this glass area of ​​the body (going as in an aquarium, but in winter it?) Everything in sight, as if from the bridge, especially forward. You only need to get used to that in a turn in sight now looms not one, but two stand windshield. And the side mirrors in favor of aerodynamics made less and right, if you sit lower, and even trimmed window sill line.

The new dashboard has retained its misconfiguration on a large screen in the center. But with the new dashboard was removed earlier at the top of the boxes, as well as a fridge for a hinged lid in the center – there is now located 230-volt outlet 120 Watt and connectors for external storage media. Cooled glove box on the dashboard from the air conditioner is already in the base set.

If you like to sit higher, the C4 Picasso allows it, although the habit seems landing “bus.” And lifting handle soft seats have to swing so long like this pump, cushion underneath. But sitting spacious in both length and width, and from the previous model went to the front chairs folding armrests. Massive wheel with larger tides now easier and uhvatistey and it fit itself is not a problem – there is a setting and adjustment, and on the flight.

Everything seemed to be in place and close at hand. But without the “jokes” in ergonomics French still not treated. For example, regulators front seat warmers now so hidden away between them that they have to twist at random: dangerously distracted from the road for a long time, looking for what level of “frying” Loin now exhibited. Setting keys and lumbar massager also have to attach the seat cushions and they also have to wield the touch. But the “rabble” automatic gearbox mounted on top of the steering column, not moved from the old place a millimeter. I honestly tried to accustom themselves to its location. For two days and could not: when maneuvering backwards and forwards ever forget, but be sure to include “wipers” instead of passing – switches still are close.

On the back row, too, have to cling to anything. On “the gallery” still faces three separate sliding seat. For transformation of luggage space – convenient and practical. Just to sit on them, I narrowly, I feel clearly broader their profile. Whether the French are thin and slender, or am I all gnarly and restless that I can not get comfortable. Well at least enough legroom: lengthening the wheelbase by 55 mm, the French state interior of the new C4 Picasso the most spacious in the class.

In the basic configuration the central dashboard screen – monochrome. Photo – A new 12-inch color screen, which displays as the main navigation maps and pictures from the cameras of the circular review (optional). The display has several switchable graphics options and combinations windows of information, and here you can set your favorite photos and pictures in the background.

Space, of course, a good thing, but another “ambush” waiting for me when trying to recline the seatback. To do this, just to twist arms to capture exhaust loop-stopper between the seats: her French did not even think to move to a more convenient location. Grab hold of her and one-it is difficult, but if there’s even a passenger sitting close? That’s, like its bite painfully, pulled (this stop not so easy to open), somehow leaned back, but now boils down to the shoulder edge finishing body panels on which to move his head and still venerate long.

Overall, for the convenience of the sofa back put three new C4 Picasso. But with a plus! This – for a flat floor with niches for small things and air deflectors in the legs and at the mid-pillar. For comfortable reading ceiling lanterns over the head (this small detail many manufacturers somehow overlooked) and two 12-volt power outlet on “the gallery.” And separately – for obligations from the previous model folding tables with lights: they can and put the tablet with a laptop, food and expanded in the road.

By the way, it’s time to check whether a beginner rides and also “cosmic” as it looks. Alas, a new range of motor C4 Picasso considerably thinned, leaving from the previous five engines (of 1.6, 1.8 and 2 liters), only two 1.6-liter – one petrol and one diesel. I first gets the base gasoline engine 120 hp (160 Nm), paired with a 5-step “mechanics”. Yeah, not the best option for mountain serpentines, which now will have to climb. Remember, this engine does not hit me craving for another sedan Citroen C-Elysee, where he, however, issued on 5 “forces” and 10 Nm less …

2014 Citroen C4 Picasso

It seems that the new C4 Picasso has already come a future where all vehicle functions are controlled by the “touch spear”. Only lonely “Twister” adjusts the volume audio, and everything else is assigned to softkeys, although the side buttons around a 7-inch touch screen (standard) triggered immediately. And when you go with a working navigation and want to change the “climate”, maps and navigator off on the top and on the bottom screen – then they should again include button. Extremely uncomfortable in unfamiliar terrain when afraid to miss a turn!

C4 Picasso but bigger and heavier than a half hundredweight. So on paper up to 100 km / hour, he was not going for 9.4 seconds as “Elisha,” but for the long-strained 12.3 seconds. And the behavior of the 1.6-liter engine is familiar: a little slide – and the fifth stage of the engine immediately suffocated by requiring reduced, and in the plain, on the contrary, asks sixth gear as 120 km / hour, he unwinds a 3000 rev / min. For the city and a quiet ride from point A to point B without even silenok special stock, but enough is enough. However, on a hilly road and overtaking motor will have to “twist” and frequently switch if you want to go, and not “sick.” Well at least the clutch pleases easily and accurately transfer switch. And fuel consumption is not off scale: on flat ground it was about 9 l/100 km, and only in the mountains appetite expectedly increased to 11 l/100 km.

Maybe diesel “Picasso” faster? In Europe, the 1.6-liter diesel engine offered in the performance of 92 hp (230 Nm), but Russia will only ship until the second most powerful 115-strong modification of the engine, wherein the variable geometry turbocharger and an outstanding 270 Nm of torque. Average seemingly for kompaktvena that weighs only 1.3 tons. Pozazhigat? Yeah, took a run! If there is some diesel and agility, it completely strangles 6-step “robot” ETG6 with one clutch – Russia’s new diesel C4 Picasso is available only with this CAT although in Europe and you can choose a 6-step “mechanics”.

The term “dynamic riding” with robotized transmission sounds like a joke: delay when changing gears such that the passport dispersal to “hundreds” of 12.3 seconds (as in the gasoline engine) it’s not surprising. If roll-style “grandfather François goes to the bakery,” then everything seems to be decent: even on mountain serpentines have stock confident traction box itself runs smoothly and paddle “petals” allows briefly intervene in the process of switching. But no one is fearful housewives and pensioners leisurely ride behind the wheel of diesel C4 Picasso! Alas, for the amateur prohvatit – diesel paired with a “robot” will be a serious test for the nerves. Sport mode in the box no manual mode situation no longer prevails, and trample accelerator useless pause between switching only lengthened – automatic clutch saves. And electronics dumps gas first, and only then opens the clutch, causing the car to “peck” at this point the nose, knocking even more acceleration.

Front seats are softer and easier to back sofa, cushion and backrest upholstered with a tenacious hold in bad turn and spin does not fall off the field a long trip. For fee offer servos for front seats (driver – with memory) and finish all seats leather two-tone multiple-choice, including leather Nappa.

Ah, would throw this “brake” ETG the dustbin of history and instead put the classic 6-speed automatic Aisin, which is in the range of aggregates Citroen! Maybe a “robot” and saves a little better fuel (diesel version of appetite during the test on-board computer – from 6.9 to 9.1 l/100 km), but the traditional “machine” keeps nerve cells, which, like hydrocarbons, also a non-renewable resource. But C4 Picasso with a box (she replaced the former “robot”) will appear in Russia only by the summer and only in a pair with 150-horsepower gasoline turbo engine of 1.6 liters – with him a new compact van will frolic.

Smooth ride? She initially captivating. On 16-inch tires, fine asphalt “ripples”, small holes and “speed bumps” are passed so quietly and gently that standing on a glass table without spilling. And turns at first call in active. To brakes power and informative critical no complaints, but the electric power steering system, though not boast cutting sharpness, but for a family “van” is quite informative on the speed and almost weightlessly in parking lots. In this squat and a spreading like a bulldog, C4 Picasso expanded track, so that it is now fast arcs less heels and feels more stable. But this is more or less asphalt flat. Stands in quick turn to get on the butt joint or potholes – and stern clearly “interchanges” to the side. It pretends to back semi-spring suspension with a torsion beam – the same scheme was a generation ago and “Picasso”.

To fold the seat proven with the floor mats need to pull the loop side of the backside. Headrests on the photo, as well as new blinds for side windows and sliding 3-section rear sofa – options.

On 17-inch tires kompaktven slightly gathered and clearly in control, and feed on smaller bumps “floats”, but this feature is still worth remembering and not keen on attacks arcs with uneven tarmac. And indeed for poor coverage, I would drive carefully, not relaxing on smooth on small bumps. Comfortable in groomed Europe, the harsh Russian roads the new C4 Picasso may have temporarily “gesture”, until the suspension strokes. And the larger the size and frequency of the pits, the Stoic sense that korotkohodnaya suspension to its limits. And at rear tendency to breakdown even more noticeable. So on bad roads better not relax. Moreover, that data on new items clearance “Citroen” somehow hides. In the previous model was modest clearance of 130 mm, and looking for a new generation, somehow it does not seem that it was much higher. Well at least the steel bottom protection is already included in the basic package for Russia.

New “Picasso” with all its pluses, minuses and strange Russian buyers will appreciate soon – orders will start on April 1. But sitroenovtsy no laughing matter. As shown soulless statistics in our country C4 Picasso – not the most popular car in the past year sold only 392 cars (198 5-seater cars and 194 “semimestki”), which is 44% less than in 2012. New “Picasso” definitely lift the sales by more than noticeable appearance, spacious lounge and non-poor equipment. But French extravagance we still prefer the German-Asian adjustedness and refinement. And adding to the Russian diesel in fact the old motor range is also unlikely to help break the leaders with their four-digit sales results. So in Russia C4 Picasso clearly remain on the same role: a niche car for everybody.

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