Ten facts about the second season of Peaky Blinders

Ten facts about the second season of Peaky Blinders

Ten facts about the second season of Peaky Blinders

For those who can not wait to see what happens to Birmingham gangster Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) of the Peaky Blinders, we present ten facts about the second season of this stylish action-British show. Valuable information released journalists who were lucky enough to visit the set of the series.

1. Action of the second season will unfold in the 20-ies of the last century.

Such a conclusion can be made by estimating outfits actresses and statistok: It is not yet fleppersky ideal, but very close to it. The second season will take us to the next three years – in 1922, the first year of jazz and cocaine. Producers of the show said that such time jumps are possible in the future if the Peaky Blinders  will get an extension for a third season. There is a suspicion that the series creator Steven Knight wants to see his characters as in the days of “Prohibition” and the Great Depression. In a recent interview with Cillian Murphy said that Knight has a blueprint for the development of the plot until the Second World War.

Ten facts about the second season of Peaky Blinders

2. Shelby become richer, and their way of life – gorgeous.

During the time elapsed since last season, Tommy Shes unwound. Now he has his own legal office: old building on Water Lane has been extended to six houses.They tore down a couple of walls, built a bar and is equipped with safe box for storage of money, of which Shelby had in abundance. One indication of the well-being of the family is abundant gilding, decorating their new “apartments”.

3. Bandit haircuts and flat caps are not going anywhere.

Luxury luxury brand and keep right. Tommy would be to dress more stylishly, but the hair on the temples do not grow a cap and not part.

4. If the first season was “British westerns”, the second will be “British gangster movie.”

Working on the new series, the writers show inspired paintings such as “The Godfather” and “Once in America.” The “Acute visors» Save favorite audience restrained British style.

Ten facts about the second season of Peaky Blinders

5. city streets horses move on the racetrack.

On the set still walk groomed horses, as one of the main themes of the new season will be racing. Tommy will be no more driving around to the stallion for Birmingham, but will begin to enter into transactions for the purchase and sale of horses for gambling entertainment, which will be an integral part of its diversified business .

6. Universe series will expand significantly.

The plot becomes more complex, there will be more events. Historical drama – a thing in this regard is very thin, but the creators of “visor” confident that increasing the geography of the show, you can make it more exciting. In addition, instead of 37 “speaking” actors from the first season in the second we will see as many as 76 performers with replicas.

7. Number of scenes of violence also increases.

Among the new series writers decided to use a bolder approach. It is reported that the plot provides a more dynamic, a lot of bloody fights and sacrifices. In general, all the doctor ordered every decent gangster project.

8. From Birmingham we will go to the capital of England …

“London” – the word on everyone’s lips on the set. Family plans Shelby to expand its influence is not limited to the Birmingham Water Lane and the outskirts of Bourneville. Fearless Visors going to “run over” by the bad guys from the city.London location should impress the audience, despite the fact that in fact these scenes were shot in Bolton.

Ten facts about the second season of Peaky Blinders

9 … But Birmingham will remain the heart of the show.

This city – the home of Shelby, and no one is going to deny the beautiful industrial landscapes, responsible for the atmosphere of the series.

10. We present new heroes, but their faces will be familiar.

Those who have not followed the news casting in this project, it was reported that one of the roles played by Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, which starred Christopher Nolan. Star blockbuster “The Dark Knight Rises”, apparently liked the idea to do “something gangster” in company with Killian. The audience will be introduced to the gang Sabini, the prototype of which, as in the case with a peak, served as a real historical person. Sabini – Italian and Jewish gangsters based in London’s Little Italy. Tom play their leader – gloomy bearded big man named Alfie Solomons.

In the second season will also lesser-known actors. 18-year-old Finn Cole will play a young gang member, the neophyte devotee lifestyle visor. Character Cole will not participate in the affairs of Shelby, but will learn from them. “My character is not aware of the main gang cases, does not know its rules – says Finn – n o he wants to be part of this world and sincerely believes that it is very cool. In addition, in many ways it is similar to Tommy: the same psychopathic tendencies and a lot of potential to attract trouble. In ordinary life, it is clearly something missing … “.