Ten reasons to buy a device with iOS

Ten reasons to buy a device with iOS


Eldar very well told about ten reasons not to buy a device with iOS, and even then I began planning an article about the reasons why you should buy a device with iOS. Tried to get the favorite tracks of all fans of the company and as little as possible to talk about the design, materials, cult – no, I will try to find other reasons!

The first reason is the design and materials

Shortly. Metal has a metal, glass has a glass. If what products and can stand comparison with the technique Apple, it is only the product Sony – and that’s not all. It only about appearance. Do smartphones and tablets Apple has its own personality, charisma, is recognizable things become iconic on the right, millions of people voted for this design your money. Anyone who does not care for the design, can choose any other gadgets. Anyone who appreciates the visual and tactile sensations in the hand is worth twist iPhone. IPad or compare with any other tablet.


Has value and durability of the materials used. It is clear that Apple has occurred periodically jambs, remember though peeling paint Black iPhone 5.But often, even after years of use, if the machine is not throwing in the wall and not to rub sandpaper, he keeps quite appearance. My iPhone 5S has been through a lot together with the owner, mint condition it can not be called, but in general, I can not complain. Metal cools hand. Since the machine is compact, it fits seamlessly into any pocket.

Design Matters!

The second reason is the secondary market

Some do not worry about what will happen to the device when you buy to replace another smartphone or tablet. Eldar wrote something on Twitter about how pulled out of a drawer SGS2 – a year of use there appeared a lot of information. Notes, messages, photos and videos, downloaded music. I have in the drawer still lie any old notebooks, and also it’s fun to see how he lived a few years ago. In addition, there is the iPhone 4, produced in the first days of sales. Well preserved, recharged periodically, occasionally I go to different programs. Notebook in a new way. With him, I probably would not be parted – iPhone 5 departed father, and, as it turned out, did not even smyslyaschy in modern technologies for a couple of days a person may well get used to not be so old smartphone. Maybe somehow explain in a separate article. But let’s talk briefly about aftermarket devices Apple.

I have a good friend, resells used equipment. According to him, as many know it, and so on Apple devices is always a demand. That’s just one example, he published on the “Avito” ad to sell iPad Mini with scratches behind, without the box, but was bundled cable and carrying case. Price not set this too small. Just an hour later came the first call. Then the second, third, fourth. After a couple of hours came buyer haggled, bought.Without guarantee, without reproach over the state. Imagine such a technique with Samsung or HTC is simply impossible. And it’s not just speed, buying iPhone 5S now, you can count on the fact that a year later sell it and get at least half of the amount spent, and even more – if you use a cover, film and other means of protection. That is, if the machine is in perfect condition. In the case of the flagship Samsung, Sony or HTC to get back half of next year is unlikely to succeed – and I’m talking about smartphones, tablets sell even harder. All this from the words of my friend, if you have a different experience, share in the comments.

Once again, for many it is not particularly important, but for some the money factor will be decisive.


The third reason: update

As updates occur on devices Android? Hard to say. Each brand has its own system and its own characteristics. And about the version of Android, many simply do not know. Apple has all strictly. Sprouted update hits the entire device, often brings not just invisible changes and improved functionality. Even for older devices – iPhone 4S users get virtually the same bun that owners and iPhone 5S. No discrimination. Miscellaneous iron, but one soft, monotonous output updates, unified system – and every year works better. In the article about the iOS 7.1 it is written more if not read, I recommend to read.

That is why many people are using the iPhone or iPad to the bitter end, or until you get bored to gnashing of teeth, or not yet lost, stolen or not yet, or until it breaks forever. And I can quite understand it – the example of the iPhone 4 as described above.

In general, the system updates Apple currently is unique and allows owners gadgets even two years (or even four) years ago not to feel aggrieved. For all – one iOS.


The fourth reason: the service

An important detail for the years since the advent of the iPhone in Russia, there were hundreds of services, where you can have the unit repaired.Yes there are hundreds of thousands! Here you have a situation relative Kaluga broke iPhone 4S. Unsuccessfully dropped, glass crack behind.Stopped by Google, found the first available service, put the phone for two days, paid a couple of thousand (do not remember), took the new machine.

I understand you I can argue – and Samsung has services and Sony too. Yes, but not at every turn! I’m exaggerating a bit, but if something happens to fix an iPhone or iPad you can and one of several official or one of the hundreds of informal service centers. Now we are about Moscow, but certainly in your town no problem with that. Expired warranty and the battery is no longer what it used to? Come to the informal. There is a guarantee and there is a problem with the screen (for example, when you click clacking) – boldly go there.

Availability of service – this is a big plus. Do not think about when everything is working fine. But if you know for a tendency to break smartphones, it is best to choose one that can be repaired without any problems. And by the way, Apple repair technicians are not so expensive – it’s not about laptops, and about mobile devices. All matter is in competition.


Fifth reason: program

Most interesting new programs now come for both iOS, and Android – before the situation was different. Surely you remember the story of the Instagram, until that time, this was a popular utility is only available for iOS.

But even if the program exists, for two operating systems, it often works better and looks like it is on iOS. Faster updates appear, appearance, fonts may be something interesting, and functionality may differ. This point can be important for those who like to install all new and exciting to receive updates of the first.

Do not forget about the store AppStore – most software is inexpensive, many are not worth anything at all, use this area is quite convenient for the user with any level of training. About the number of utilities say nothing – is more important than quality, but here it’s all right.

The sixth reason: recovery

Annual ritual with old iPhone make a backup, then connect the cable new iPhone and get all the old to the new device. Call history, messages, programs, photos and videos, music – almost everything. Now it remains only to enter all passwords and start using your smartphone. As before.Do not copy in iCloud, because it takes time – to be honest, is just a habit of iTunes, give it up until I can not.

This applies to the iPad, and iPad, any device with iOS. Your data will not be lost, even if you lose your smartphone. Importantly, do not forget to make backups.

The seventh reason: Music

For me, one of the reasons to love iOS – store iTunes. Almost do not buy video there, except that before taking any travel trends, but this is an exception. But buy a lot of music. Bundle Shazam + iTunes works great most recognized tracks immediately manage to buy. I’d like to trade in Russia earned radio – forward to next year? Although without this you can use any application for Internet radio or music-related services, from music of “In Touch” to Spotify (if you have an American account Apple). Has value and sound quality, most iOS devices this is all right, and you can be sure, iPad mini quite able to replace a smartphone, if you suddenly want to listen to something. Do not forget the equalizer settings, judicious management with compatible headsets support ALAC, directly from the player the opportunity to supplement the album from iTunes (ie, to acquire the remaining tracks) and convenience to transfer music between devices with iOS / OS X. Downloads on your phone – easily got the same album on your tablet.

And even without headphones to listen to music (watch movies, play) comfortably on all devices with iOS, the thing loud speaker iPhone, iPad, iPod.

The eighth reason: ease of use

Unfamiliar with iOS? Do not know where to start? Follow your instincts, that’s all. The system is so simple as possible. I wrote above about my father, I remember now another example of how trying to teach my aunt use smartphone with Symbian. It did not, literally all caused misunderstanding. With Android, too, did not work, even when removed from the screen extra desks, left there will only relevant programs, spent an hour at the elementary explanation (like) things.

Now I understand that it was necessary to immediately start with iOS – by the way, with him at the relative relations have developed very quickly.Is it magic? No. All the matter in response to the great depression, in clear gestures. How to unlock the device? All painted. Where’s the phone?And where are my contacts? Look at the icons. How to return to the desktop? Press the button under the display. And so on. A few days later my aunt started installing their own different programs to learn about any special settings, functions. That is, to understand.

Incidentally, with respect to the iOS saying “handle and child” has a literal meaning. Children with iOS excellent job, and if you want to teach from childhood child to modern technology, this operating system – the best choice. Just do not forget about the parental controls (Settings / General / Restrictions). If the first time you hear about these settings, read the official information .

The ninth reason: Accessories

Naturally, it’s not about covers – this good enough now for any device. It was more about the unique pieces. Some sports bracelets and interesting gadgets only work with iOS, and progress in the creation of programs for Android is not expected. Want an example? Please for bracelet Up utility for Android appeared a few days ago. A sale is the third generation of “up.” If you love all sorts of interesting gizmos, you should choose iOS.

Tenth reason: unique features

It quickly becomes iMessage, it’s a great alternative to any messenger – especially when you start to write messages on the smartphone and laptop Apple. All correspondence is preserved and there, and there, you can easily add photos, videos. And hard to imagine without the iOS iMessage.

To FaceTime also get used very quickly. This is a great way to phone with someone in another country or in another city (when connected via Wi-Fi is also a benefit), to see the reaction, gestures show something with the front or main camera. And not too hard to imagine FaceTime iOS.

And any of their chips too much. Of course, not without its flaws, but when AirDrop score with laptops, then we can praise – yet it should not do.But Touch ID accelerated time to unlock the device and protects your data system Find My iPhone and copied by other manufacturers, iCloud helps recruit documents in Pages on a laptop open and on the tablet. And what will happen next, no one knows or can predict Apple’s much in fiction.

Can be arbitrarily long to tell that to Apple only bring to mind a hundred years as a known function – good, but then why did not the other? Not done as efficiently. One thing – try, another thing – a product to millions of users.

I hope a similar article about Android (and maybe Windows Phone) writes one of his colleagues. Well, I suggest you voice your reasons why you chose iOS.