Terrorists seized in Baghdad building of the Ministry of Transport in Iraq...

Terrorists seized in Baghdad building of the Ministry of Transport in Iraq – 12 people were killed


In the Iraqi capital Baghdad, terrorists attacked the building of the Ministry of Transport. Militants seized Office, taking hostages and killing military guarding the building. Iraqi forces were able to repel the ministry special forces, killing terrorists. As Reuters reported, citing a senior official, the extremists could blow himself up. During the incident, 12 people were killed.

Data capture Ministry differ. Thus, the channel Sky News Arabia reports that total was six gunmen who stormed. First, the military managed to kill three attackers. The remaining terrorists held hostages.Soon, special forces, surrounded the building, eliminated all militants.

It is unclear exactly how the people died in captivity.As noted NEWSru Israel , the attackers, except weapons and belts were on death row. According to officials, the militants could blow himself up, killing the hostages. Source Reuters, familiar with the situation said that the four hostages killed by terrorists inside the building, which used to meet foreign delegations. It is also known that the capture of three soldiers killed, four others injured.

The attack occurred after two explosions occurred near a market and a popular restaurant in Baghdad, in which, according to doctors, six people were killed.No terrorist group has not yet claimed responsibility for the attack. It is assumed that the attack was carried out by militants “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” – the local branch of the terrorist group “Al-Qaeda”.

The situation in Iraq is increasing every day. Since the beginning of 2014 victims of renewed clashes between rebels and the government became more than 900 people. 2013 claimed nearly nine thousand lives.

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