16.06.2014 9:07

Tesla and BMW discussing unification charging stations

Tesla company last week made ​​an important statement: Elon Musk company decided to make its patents free to all comers. This week came news that the German carmaker Tesla and BMW are in talks about expanding the network of charging stations Tesla. Both companies are discussing ways to increase the popularity of electric cars, as well as the possibility of unification of charging stations, which is engaged in the construction of Tesla.

Recall that last week, Elon Musk announced that patents Tesla is now available in the public domain. According to Mask, it will allow electric car technology to adapt faster to the market, as in the future they can be used over a wide range of manufacturers.

It’s no secret that Tesla is the leading company for the production of electric cars in the world and has the technology, which allow very fast (at least faster than competitors offer) to charge electric cars. In addition, Tesla cars have the largest reserve of all the presented electric vehicles in the world. Not surprisingly, the cooperation with market leader electromobiles interested in one of the market leaders in conventional vehicles. This, of course, talking about the company BMW, which recently began to look very seriously at electric cars and even introduced a whole family of their electric cars.


Analysts suggest that over the next few years will be very serious noticeable increase in interest towards EVs, and openness patents Tesla only contribute to the development of this growth. Will decide whether to join Tesla and BMW and other companies, and if they would support harmonization of charging stations for recharging capabilities of different types of electrical equipment – this is still a question.