Test Drive: Honda Civic Type-R Prototype

Test Drive: Honda Civic Type-R Prototype


Anyone who saw the last teaser about the Civic Type-R, realized at least three things. First, protomai few years in purgatory, the new hot-Civic still appears. Secondly, it sounds and looks like old school turbopsih. Whistling turbine ecstatic squeal racing four-cylinder hybrid and no tricks. This is the 80s and 90s, whipped in a blender and seasoned with good old analog high.

And third, marketing also has not been canceled. Honda’s engineers will work hard overtime until the new Type-R will not be the fastest hot hatch at the Nurburgring. Not to see them stay as long as it will not pass on lap the Nordschleife in less than 8 minutes (ie almost 8 seconds will overtake champion Megane RenaultSport 265 Trophy). WTCC pilot Gabriele Tarquini said to be already close to the goal. And this is a huge achievement for the two-liter FWD Hatch.


New engine – two-liter turbo “four” VTEC with direct injection and variable valve timing. Power? The exact figure is not yet known. Let us enlighten project leader Suehiro Khasi: “How much horsepower? 280. But there will be more. They say this is the limit due to current technology and suspension dynamics. But more … not impossible. “

We at The Oval hondovskie landfill Tochigi going to ride on the prototype, and we will not be treacherous bends Ring. But the new Type-R is a car that barely you put your foot on the clutch pedal, you realize that everything is correct. Not least because it is the clutch pedal – no paddles “ears.” Pedal, which, like the other controls are nicely tight. Fans of Type-R in the form of titanium proberetsya the knob on the lever. Seats – great polugonochnye buckets. In general, all right.


To move smoothly on the Type-R, you need a deep understanding of the mechanics of the process – and this is another sign of this drayverskoy machine. Box switches one flick of the wrist, but without definition rifle bolt. And here there is a small lag at low revs. But then the engine and fully ochuhivaetsya seizes your attention. Between 2000 and 5000 rev / min to a peak point is close to 407 Nm. On the instrument panel lights strip lights from green to red – speed limit is rolled swiftly, lifting you to turbopodhvat. And I do not really feel rudder. Whatever they did with the front suspension, it worked. (But we Khasi-san, still wondering what it is). The machine is very powerful and high-torque!

Type-R retained the semi-beam rear axle, as in the standard car. Apparently, one should not expect perfect manners that demonstrate Ford Focus ST or VW Golf GTI with a multi-link. Civic body in Tourer received Sachs adaptive suspension with three modes – but only on the rear axle. She promised and mechanical engineers “samoblok” must change the Type-R.


Suspension even on a smooth track Tochigi seems brutally tough. What will happen on the frozen suburban track? But the front end is just fabulous, excellent turn as a whole. Pressing the “R” next to the steering column, you get more of an effort on the steering wheel, throttle response and higher suspension even tougher. Now an eight-circle on the Nordschleife it seems the real deal.

Type-R and looks seriously silhouette shark, sinister, ready to fight, especially in matte-black prototype. On aerodynamics obviously great job. And, according to Khasi-san, are still working, achieving an optimal balance and stability. Still being developed shape of the rear wing. While the prototype Continental shod in 235/35 on 19-inch wheels, but for serial machines preparing new tires. We dug and other intelligence: the hybrid drive was not even considered, despite the experience of Honda in this area. Ready car will contain aluminum components to reduce weight. And the Civic Type-R is prepared to show the best in class figures CO2. “It will become more aggressive” – ​​smiles Khasi-san.

Oddly enough, we’re not sure we want that. It would be better to smooth out some rough edges, while imprisoning reaction to the gas pedal. Otherwise, the shell for the Nurburgring on our tracks will be unbearable.