Test Drive: Hyundai Genesis

Test Drive: Hyundai Genesis

Test Drive: Hyundai Genesis

They say the first impression of the man – the most correct. Oh man – I do not know, but about the car – exactly. The strongest and most specific. Here are a few kilometers behind the wheel. Then you get used. Bugs are beginning to look features done, features – omelette of techno and deeper in the head just stuck that “wow” or “oh”, which broke out of you at the dawn of communication with the machine.

With Hyundai Genesis I happened at the start. I sat behind the wheel, started softly whispered V6, stroked wood and plastic, weighed anchor – and understood. Realized that for the first time in my life I can not say the usual phrase: “Korea has made another step forward and will soon catch the big boys.”

Test Drive: Hyundai Genesis

Because she, Korea, already among them. Quality of decoration, the number of bells and whistles and the level of technology – in the international premier league. Genesis and the first generation of flying high above the standards of the brand. He sought to stand on a par with the best. And here he was. Wow! Really looks like.

Looks like even more than we would like. Because that leaves a distinct Bavarian aftertaste. Evolution of corporate identity – Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 – a great thing, “fluid sculpture” remained dynamic, but has become more rigorous and elegant. In Santa Fe, this approach worked – came one of the most beautiful cars in the class! But in the premium segment of the designers decided not to take radical steps promised HCD-14 concept. “Genesis II” and outside the mask resembles BMW, Audi, and in places quoted Munich demiurge. The desire to dress in the fashion of the young aristocrat club forgivable. But still a pity that this time defeated conservatism.

Test Drive: Hyundai Genesis

1. MATERIAL – Hyundai Genesis

Shock! Finishes such high quality for “Koreans” did not happen yet

2. SOUND – Hyundai Genesis

For music named Lexicon 17 speaker sound rustic

3. HELM – Hyundai Genesis

Large, but comfortable. And a lot of buttons and levers. Offset

4. ENTOURAGE – Hyundai Genesis

In the center console specifically “beemveshny” bow. Ja, ja, natürlich!

5. BOXING – Hyundai Genesis

Present the correct machine. As many as 8 stages

6. POSSESSION – Hyundai Genesis

Watch cute, but somehow “know Gnehm.” Where wings? Where is Genesis?

7. VENEER – Hyundai Genesis

In the best tradition of modern fashion: natural, matt, rough

8. SADDLE – Hyundai Genesis

In expensive models – with ventilation and heating

Consolation Prize – original parts: for example, the rear lights. And the interface even iDrive infotainment washed with MMI: This luscious graphics and intuitive intelligibility are expensive. As overall ergonomics. Asian premium brands time to envy! Package of electronic systems and driver’s assistant – full. A HUD-colored projection on the windshield not only cause envy BMW. Given that the majority of today “over the hood” is not even primitive b / w-digits. And again about quality finishes: materials, assembly, silence – quite “German.” I had to remind myself that I was sitting in the Korean car.

Test Drive: Hyundai Genesis

Plus hard body Hyundai Genesis. Plus, the longest in the class base. Plus quiet and smooth petrol V6 3,0 (249 hp) and 3.8 liters (315 hp). Plus agile 8-speed automatic. And the new AWD system HTRAC. For primary motor, which in base rear-drive Genesis, HTRAC – option for 3.8 – standard. Technically, this lightweight and compact transmission – analog beemveshnogo xDrive same production company Magna. That is, the engineers also equaled by Bayern. And tuned Genesis on Nordschleife …

Test Drive: Hyundai Genesis

1. DRAWING LESSON – Hyundai Genesis

Touch interface 9.2 “display is impressive careful rendering. Class!

2. TO WATCHLIST – Hyundai Genesis

There might be roomier, but the right seat – adjustable

3. TREND IN – Hyundai Genesis

Electronics otmonitoreny “blind spots” and keep in the band. Handbrake – button

Yes, many steps already completed rivals Korea had to discover anew. Now Hyundai Genesis time mastering details. Parts in which both God and the devil. Chairs – yes, “the most comfortable on the Hyundai Genesis”, but the pillows back still slightly too short. Record 3010 mm wheelbase? But then the space back there might be more. Sure, advanced suspension keep the car cool in cornering hinges. But comfort does not always guarantee the bumps. Wheel sporty fast and heavy – although Ring us every day. Give relax … But no, Genesis deliberately striker – in defiance and impressive sedans Lexus.

Or maybe the way it should? He is young and vigorous. It is aimed at the same aristocrats in the first generation – not yet tired of luxury and entertainment. And it looks like he already has everything that is necessary for their road of happiness. For my taste, it remains only to polish the settings back radically own person and not miss the price.