10.04.2014 5:27

Test Drive: Mitsubishi L200

Do restyled pickup – that teach dancing boxer. Cool but useless

Hypercar? Lamborghini? BMW and Mercedes? Boring … How about real cars for real man? Mitsubishi L200 – trushny pickup in person! Now, sign. Body added 180 mm in length – it easily fits cheerleaders team or catch today with Valdai. It all depends on the age and libido owner. Under the hood – the 2.5-liter 4D56 tubrodizel Mesozoic era, but in this case it’s a compliment. During the years of production engine licked up the sterile condition – not broken, though you burst. There are his new 178 PS version with a modified injection, but such a motor with an automatic sell only – option for sissies. And there is still unkillable iron nicknamed Super Select, mechanical locking rear differential, mad for the serial suspension articulation and one of the best in the class ramp angles. I almost forgot about the clearance – under the keel at L200 two dozen centimeters. Turns? Oh, yes!

By the way, this whole pile refreshed. Be in front of us any SUV, could safely throw a rotten tomato in Japanese: new headlights, bumper and grille – that’s the whole restyling … first time in eight years! But bearing in mind what the guys from Mitsubishi turned Outander, exhale, “Thank you, guys!” However, a year later we are waiting for a brand new L200. Keep fingers crossed …

To hell with looks, a real man to think about it – the last thing. Yes, L200 looks like a tadpole, but it was not created for the fashion shows. Sand, clay and gravel – that his podium. Briefly, the plant most tomatoes this pickup is almost unreal. Foolish, of course, can break and gimbal, but tools L200 will resist to the last off-road. And proselku by: grader can safely drive 120 km / h and thus to keep in the cabin quiet conversation about the features of ice fishing. One caveat – spring tail of no load damn jumpy, but rarely pickup rolls empty.


What? Wheel from Lancer?! Spokuha guys bagel – it’s the only thing that unites pickup puzoterkami

Steering … no, L200, like all pickups, the wheel waterbus: twisted good – and after some time the course has changed. But seriously, the information on the steering wheel zero and even “zero” is not felt. And to hell with it. Not the same on the warping L200 lanes, at least not with the 136-horsepower engine.


It turns out that the Japanese made ​​a perfect upgrade? It is. Ticked, but in terms of technology but a new modification of the engine, nothing has changed. And this is the best option for labor SUV.