Test Drive: Peugeot 308SW

Test Drive: Peugeot 308SW

Test Drive: Peugeot 308SW

Finally! There is a French car, which seats are not ashamed of the “Golf”

Generalists – old French weakness. Or rather – force. Ever since the unsinkable 504 th big, roomy and often seven-seater cars made in France to symbolize the union of style and practicality. Even, to put it mildly, not very successful Peugeot 308SW and 407th episodes rounders played the role of vents, a breath of fresh air in the student cafeteria.

Last – chronologically, but not at the place in history – Peugeot station wagon built on the chassis of the highly successful “Trois Nouvelles zero vit”, I mean the new Peugeot 308SW th. Backpack behind it has not spoiled – on the contrary, to a first approximation 308SW famously aiming for the best touring golf class.

Test Drive: Peugeot 308SW

And because no revolution, so beloved by the French. All that is in this “Brak” we have seen before. And the longer wheelbase (plus 11 cm to the hatchback), and the rear seat, folding flush with the floor, and system transformation sofa using a single lever. All it was was.

What makes 308SW Crown Prince? Three things. Volume. Approach. Motor. Now everything on your toes.

With the volume, however, and so everything is clear: 610 liters – a record class, and 1,600 liters with the seats folded – a result worthy cars on the class above the other. With the approach all too clearly. French let reluctantly read through “can not”, but correct chronic shoals in the cabin.Quality of decoration 308SW argues with the latest “Golf”. This is so far the only car that has no relation to the platform MQB, which is worthy of such an honor.

Interior Peugeot 308SW

Test Drive: Peugeot 308SW

World – a touch-screen, the war – buttons! This approach deserves respect

Yes, the Peugeot 308SW have their Frenchness – not so much bugs as features that require getting used to.Well, there tidy over the steering wheel or totally digitalized conditioner. But push minimalism and quality materials make it clear for what muddied. And so beautifully and without buttons.

Engines Peugeot 308SW

And finally, the motor. There is quite simple. Imagine in once, Peugeot managed to cool gasoline engine. Not diesel, repeat – gasoline! Just three cylinder 1199 cubes miserable working volume, and “exhaust” – Mama Do not Cry. Motor has just launched in the production of a family of Pure tech slides easily on the characteristics and feelings not only “Nissan renoshny” 1.2 TCe, but “vagovsky” 1.4 TSI!

Test Drive: Peugeot 308SW

Like most modern turbomalyshey, “Pure Tech” Peugeot cheerfully picks from 2000 rev / min and fun turns until the cutoff. Large station wagon with a small motor so steadily gaining speed, you feel dirty trick. “You cheated! You have sold much more valuable fur! “This is real, not declared fuel consumption still closer to diesel than petrol familiar figures. Fantastish? No, le Fantastic!

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