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Test Drive: Porsche Cayman GTS

The smallest among the Porsche Cayman GTS dominates the road and track without separating them

At the moment, this is the sports version of the mid-engine Porsche. Not the most prestigious car brands, but the most accessible. And the most compact. Cayman, like the old air “nine hundred and eleventh” – a small sports machine. But it is also the most practical, yes, you will not be tempted before the trip “po-nad precipice” stuff “drunken beauties and dashing friends” on the second row of seats, but you will have two boot. One where amateurs searching engine, and the second – from behind the engine and immediately above it. In the rear compartment fit or bag, or even something more serious. Generally speaking, this is the first mid-engine in my memory, which I was able to attach his electric guitar. And you can not worry about it completely: fixes the shutter, and the temperature in the trunk of even the Majorcan sunshine is exactly the same as throughout the cabin. Yes the guitar – there will even mop of IKEA! Is not a strong argument to buy Porsche? Well, or at least “is Porsche Cayman”.

Test Drive: Porsche Cayman GTS

The old fashioned way you can still order the car with the mechanics. I can not imagine anyone is needed: better PDK transmission is no light. Moreover, something better now I can not even imagine – Porsche box is already ahead of most utopian desires. If you do not interfere with her work, you will just see how to switch yourself. And she not only guesses moment she switched most unobtrusive way: fast, but even without shocks and dergotni. In short, PDK combines comfort variator unambiguous reactions mechanics.

Cayman is still restless, like a lizard: a mid korotkobazny Porsche might not be to others. The trick is that while it comfortable. Make tough a track car not a piece of cake, of course, but still it can be many. Some may even make a comfortable car. Simply comfortable. Only Porsche, Ferrari still yes – the only ones in the whole world can do so comfortable to ride all day, and sports so that the whole day to get out to the track. And then again to go through the fields and mountains, knowing that going in the best mood for the best car.

Test Drive: Porsche Cayman GTS

The only area where I would have faked Porsche Cayman GTS – it gave the driver the opportunity to hear the smaller motor at low speed in cruise mode. An hour or two good 5-6 – not quite. However, this problem has a solution. Called Boxster GTS with an open top. Generally speaking, a sport exhaust Porsche Cayman GTS is equipped with a valve, which makes the engine is louder, then quieter depending on how you drive, but we just did not have enough silence. You say – nonsense? And we “did.” What we pay attention to nonsense – no nonsense. It says that everything else is just perfect.

Test Drive: Porsche Cayman GTS

1. WING – Porsche Cayman GTS

appears when aerodynamics is more important than the purity of lines

2. ALCANTARA – Porsche Cayman GTS

and embossed leather – standard. Like “Chronic sport”

3. BLACK MATTE – Porsche Cayman GTS

retouch the body. It is easy to distinguish from S GTS

Porsche Cayman GTS version differs from “simple” S slightly increased power. There are 20-inch wheels on the 911 Carrera S, plus 10 Nm torque. There is a little plastic markers and “GTS”. And the base package, which already have elektrokresla and sports, and the Sport Chrono Package with active supports transmission. This is part of the magic Porsche comfortably in peace and confidence on the track. The database also sports issue, active suspension and PASM, and the system, tire pressure monitoring.

Verdict – Porsche Cayman GTS

Test Drive: Porsche Cayman GTS

In fact, Porsche Cayman GTS – just a luxury sport package in conjunction with a sporty look in the eyes of others: increase power to 340 hp, essentially symbolic. Well, and the Cayman S is amazing and perfect harmonious background on the current road level. It seems so that the change in him something more serious – then spoil.