10.04.2014 5:29

Test Drive: Seat Leon Cupra

In the battle for the track Volkswagen fans went on the offensive. More precisely, sent Seat

Hey, comrade, let sharper! Finally Hit the gas! I deliberately throw off speed on the straights to keep up with the Spaniard leading the track our little caravan. Still, after a couple of turns I rest him in the bumper … What were you thinking these Spaniards, dropping in front of us safety-car as a “heated” Leon FR? Decided that journalists have not catch seatovskogo driver?

But the track Castellol√≠ near Barcelona pretty simple and safe. And we’re not here for the first time. The hell we safety-car? And most importantly, in my hands the latest Cupra, against which the Leon FR – hair dryer against a jet engine …


No, apparently not so Cupra spectacular as some of the competitors – with the ten steps it might even take over the same FR. Only with large wheels, gray insert in the rear bumper so the pair of oval tailpipes – now this surprise anyone? But inside …

Inside – a new two-liter turbo engine, 6-speed manual or DSG choice, differential lock, and “short” steering and chassis system with DCC (Dynamic Chassis Control). And all of this (except for manual transmission) can engage with the touch of a button. And if the other modes of VAG-DCC machines end in paragraph Sport, then there are even more extreme – Cupra.

Do nothing that Volkswagen calls its sports department Seat? Yes, the new Leon Cupra in design – the same Golf VII GTI. We criticize it for conformism, then praise for its versatility … like extreme sports? Get. Cupra with the same engine develops 280 hp already! And its suspension will not be called universal, it is hard even in the Comfort – what you need to track or serpentine rock. And instead of “seventeenth” wheels then 18 – or 19-inch. And the Spanish hot hatch completely disconnected ESP!


Cupra comfortable, especially good sports seats. But the small screen on the panel reminds: Seat – budget brand

However, with or without her car on the track is fast, clear and obedient. Head here – electronically controlled samoblok that clearly and unnoticed by the driver redistributes time on wheels. Pilot and do something for nothing is not particularly necessary – ottormozilsya, turned the steering wheel to the apex, again stepped on the gas and sped to the next turn. No special effects, but quickly and efficiently. And turn off the ESP winter.

And now the bad news. We are with you such Cupra does not shine. In Russia, will only sell deforsirovannye (265 hp) version without samobloka. And without the “electronic” shock absorbers. Rumor has it that the matter is in them – they are not compatible with our roads …