Thailand’s military government lifted the curfew in the country

Thailand’s military government lifted the curfew in the country


Thai military, announced in late May, a military coup , have canceled their May 22 introduced a curfew.“Due to the fact that throughout the country remains calm, decided to completely cancel the curfew,” – said in a statement the new authorities, quoted by Reuters.

Curfew was imposed in the kingdom on May 22 – the day when, after a long political crisis management of the country assumed the military command of Thailand. June 3 it was canceled at the popular tourist resorts.

Recall command of the Thai army on May 20declared martial law, and two days later the commander Prayut Chan-Ocha took power into their own hands. It was the 12th military coup in the modern history of Thailand.

For nearly six months before Thailand was gripped by mass anti-government protests. Its main goal the opposition of Thailand Yingluck Shinawatra put resignation and removal of the political and economic influence of her older brother, former premier Thaksin Shinawatra country.

Earlier Prayut Chan-Ocha urged fighting for power “Red Shirts” and “Yellowjackets” to find a compromise and complete disorder, but the talks ended without result sides. Following the removal from power of the government military promised not only to make political reforms, and apply harsh methods against demonstrators. After that the protesters had to go home.

With prominent politicians involved in the confrontation, the military treated harshly: the day after the coup were arrested more than a hundred political and public figures, including former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and the main opposition leader Suthep Taugsubana. Former Prime Minister lucky – she was released after a few days, banning engage in politics. But Taugsubanu wascharged formally charged with treason and murder in the spring of 2010 in Bangkok 92 people at demonstrations.

If in the case of treason and attempting to overthrow the government prosecutors still will decide whether to make a business move, in a murder indictment prosecutors have already submitted to the court. The first hearing in the case of murder against Taugsubana and Vejjajiva is scheduled for July 28.