13.11.2015 7:46

The Apple Watch 2 is already in development, it will be released in 2016

If the latest rumors are true, Apple would already be working on the second generation of Apple Watch, informally known as Apple Watch 2.

The second generation smart watch to enter production soon, and Apple would announce it during an event in June, according to media statements made by collecting Barry Lam, chairman of Quanta, the Chinese manufacturer that assembles the current Apple Watch.

Choice June as month to announce the second generation of its smart watch, Apple would have a life cycle to the current Apple Watch for a year and two months since Apple Watch went on sale in April – even though it was announced in September 2014.
So far, rumors about Apple Watch 2 have been very few. The reliable site 9to5Mac says that the design of Apple Watch 2 is almost identical to the current clock, and the battery will remain the same size and length will remain at around one day.

The same site also says that Apple Watch 2 will be independent and be compatible iPhone to make calls using FaceTime. Also, Apple Watch 2 features the Find my watch, and will basically as the tool Find My iPhone; but in the case of the watch, not having GPS, the location would be achieved with Wi-Fi triangulation.

Apple is in no hurry for the second iteration of its intelligent clock reaches the market. According to a recent study by the firm Canalys, Apple now sells well Watch with 7 million units in 5 months availability, a figure that overwhelms competitors that sell fewer than 300,000 units per quarter.