“The Walking Dead”: What we learned from the ninth series of the...

“The Walking Dead”: What we learned from the ninth series of the fourth season (spoilers!)


“Walking mervetsy” returns after a break in the fourth season! In the eighth episode, we saw the group of brave zombie killers, as well as the Governor and his minions, who decided to storm the jail. Here’s what we think we know so far: Governor first Michon hurt, and then it finishes Lily, Rick and Carl are hiding in the woods, and we hope that the survivors will be able to escape in their bus, baby Judith, apparently , ate. We think so. Now, when the show returns to the air, remember five things we learned from the ninth series.

(Warning, spoilers: do not read if you have not seen the episode!)

1. Teens are moody and irritable even after zombipokalipsisa

Carl is no longer your baby daddy! He is able to take care of yourself, your mother, myself, even if it means that he is willing to sacrifice for the sake of shoe 3.5 kilos of chocolate pudding. Carl – good shooter, he showed survival skills, even when he was an ordinary farmer, and wildly angry at his father, who treats him like a child, even though he knows that he is a real man.

2. Prior to joining the zombie lover in Michon was named Mike and charming child

Leaving prison, Michon deals with the zombie head Herschel Green oversteps decomposing corpse of the Governor and sent to wander through Georgia with two new zombies with torn hands and jaws. Of flashback, we learn that she once lived with her lover Mike and served after dinner cheese and wine. We know that already Michon skillfully handled the sword and went with Mike and his friend in the camp. Feed, it is known that before zombidermo hit the fan, it was a wonderful home. In the nightmarish visions of heroine we see how Mike and his friend sitting at the table with no hands – maybe they were the first couple of zombies on a leash, which Michon carries around everywhere? Something like that?

3. Carl is very brave, but not enough to shoot his father in the head

Rick is very bad after all injuries sustained in a shootout with a gang of Governor. It all day lying on the couch while Carl produces canned and fighting off the walking. When the guy comes back, he hears that his father was moaning like a zombie. Karl takes aim at him, but can not shoot: Do not forget, the child has somehow put a bullet in the head of his dead mother. Rick manages shrill shout, “Carl!” And he realizes that his father was still alive. Karl admits that he did not survive alone.

4. At Michon excellent navigation skills

Michon, still immersed in visions and memories, is together with its chain of zombies walking in the crowd. Suddenly she wakes up, gets the correct riding and straightened with the entire herd dead. Michon manage to track down Rick and Carl. First, she goes to the diner BBQ Shack, where the host Joe Jr. did not have eggs to kill yourself before you turn into a zombie and killed him, father and son. Then the heroine is sent to the house in which keeping defenses Rick and Carl. Knocks on the window. “Carl is to you.”

5. We have no idea what happened to the other

No trace of our friends. We do not know how there Maggie, Glenn, Daryll or anyone else from our old acquaintances. Can assume that somewhere survived Carol hope that survived squad fighting Amazons. No sign of Lily, who finished off the Governor, or her sister Tara, fleeing for the entire battle. Oh, where are you, who had escaped from the zombies?