“The Wolf of Wall Street”: capitalism sentence from Martin Scorsese

“The Wolf of Wall Street”: capitalism sentence from Martin Scorsese


Imagine glamorous public face stretched luxuriously furnished to premiere in Moscow “October”. VIPs poked his nose in a pile of dung business, roughly stripped him from Versace outfit. Maybe vipy and smelled the stench. They sniffed him that mistaken for Chanel perfume, and would laugh joyfully and beat his hands. This film – a sarcastic comedy about their faith, their way of being, their version of happiness.

“Wolf of Wall Street” took Martin Scorsese. This is the first truly grand – in all respects, including a three-hour footage – film “Oscar” of the race. He immediately moved into the zone of toys psevdofilosofskie tumbling “Gravity” or sweetest “Scams-American.” This work is powerful, wise, layered and tragic: faith in the people the author has little left. The film offers us a ruthless and highly relevant analysis of the nature of capitalism – not accidentally cause so many associations with figures of his characters painfully native nouveau riche with their yachts and airplanes, brim full of prostitutes.


“Wolf …” continues the theme of classics: “Citizen Kane” and “The Great Gatsby.” In the latter, less successful version of Gatsby played Leonardo DiCaprio – in “Wolf …” he is back in the role of a miracle grown rich man, the owner of a posh house, a luxury yacht and a smart wife-beauty. DiCaprio has not played such an extent the repulsiveness of the subject – then burnished, with a Caribbean tan playboy, then crawling in their own snot addict. In my opinion, in this role, he easily beat competitors on “Oscar” campaign – but I’m afraid, will not receive a statuette again because the picture in the press already accused of rudeness, stiffness, vulgarity, sex and abuse graphically gvaltlivosti. Lord saw her portrait, and they have mixed feelings. And the public, according to my observations, shocked befallen her overdose of sewage, but think in the movie and was not used to such a nuisance disappointed. Fun to read, as the Internet glamorous girls wrinkle their noses: phi, as roughly one vulgarity! And indeed rudely girls poked his nose in their own vomit. But, as would say the Russian classic, mirror on necha blame …

Scorsese, who throughout his career has consistently offered us a gallery of the “godfathers” of different times, has now made especially incomprehensible portrait – portrait of absolute emptiness. The hero of the film – the “father” of the epoch, when the business world is already exhausted all their ambitions, except for one – to seize grandmother. And in the figurative and literal sense: money and women – the ultimate dream of Jordan Belfort. This broker Belfort exist in reality, their talent to make money out of nothing, he described in the book of revelations, which formed the basis for the film. Saved his boastful account of his outstanding gift palaver – gift thimblerigger, builder “pyramid schemes”, talent splurge and extort money from customers. This story is remarkable lack of ideas about any human standards, and what to take with a subject that amputated conscience and nothing to toss and turn in the shower! People who make their millions pumped Belfort, in his view – as grass, digested in the stomach and the elephant turned into fecal matter – but fattens elephant! This point of view, and manages Scorsese’s that eye to see the world. Externally – drayzerovskaya history of ups and downs “of the Titans”, only titanium since then has become a pygmy. For him there is no other purpose than to fuck beauty on her yacht – that supreme thrill! And dope, it makes the buzz sharper. And other purposes and can not be in the world of glamor. Of all the instincts are two: the grasping and sexy. Brains sharpened only on money. Brains can be called a chicken, but they have unprecedented tenacity. Broker – profession man who vparivaet. He is the only clever in society suckers – so he fucks on the yacht, and the company is sweating on the subway.

The story goes on behalf of the hero, but Scorsese manages to comment on it – killer comic grotesque. It was only in the final optics dramatically changes: go journalistic shots when following these new peers Trimalchio us thrown into ragged New York subway, and will be replaced by shiny snout humdrum persons traveling with work people – an open return to contrasts Chaplin times. The film had a strong predecessors in the 30s, when the movie was drawn to the era of the Great Depression and the heyday of gangsterism. Scorsese stresses the continuity of capitalism work up glamor, even developed methods for the social protection of society, but its nature and driving forces changed little. Corrupting role of money as the motor of life – one of the main themes of the film. For us, it is perhaps even more urgent than for America: there have already developed an antidote, we talked about this yet and do not think.


Scorsese directed the film provocative and somewhat rebellious, throwing the truth in the face and depriving the world so carefully constructed illusions. It clearly shows that if someone gets rich – so, someone from being ruined. Net wealth does not happen, and business – a piece cruel, predatory, cunning and ruthless. Even sentimentality businessman, his charitable impulses – an attempt to self-justification. Yes, in the film, and in the life of the FBI successfully stands out, his incorruptible agents, harsh and principled, they guard. But the final still discouraged: the very people of sweaty metro look with hope to the hero of the novel – “I would brokers go, let me teach!”

Final deprives last hope: money, like rats, always progryzut their path to corruption. A film about the nature of capitalism ends bitter meditation on human nature. It is an ambitious film, “Battleship” Potemkin “of our time, but appreciate it, probably much later.