Because of the threat of unauthorized opposition rally Tajikistan have banned SMS

Because of the threat of unauthorized opposition rally Tajikistan have banned SMS

Because of the threat of unauthorized opposition rally Tajikistan have banned SMS

Against the background of the threat of mass unauthorized opposition rally in Dushanbe, which call for leave are abroad leaders “Group of 24”, whose activities are deemed extremist in Tajikistan blocked over 200 web pages and disable the sending of SMS-messages. The Interior Ministry of the country say they do not allow any anti-constitutional assembly in the center of the capital. The action is scheduled for October 10.

“The security forces of the republic will not allow any anti-constitutional assemblies and marches in the capital and elsewhere, all attempts to put an end provocateurs to destabilize the country” – leads TASS words of the Interior Minister of Tajikistan Ramazan Rahimzoda. The agency also said that “Dushanbe is under the operational control, video cameras record any violations and unauthorized gatherings of people in public places.”

As a result, reports “Interfax” referring to the correspondent, the opposition rally did not take place.“Passing buses, cars. Passers-Go, everything is quiet and peaceful. No protesters can not see” – said the reporter. “If it were not for two patrol cars and a larger than usual number of policemen in the square, this day was not different from all the others,” – she said.

Among the blocked web pages have accounts on Facebook and “VKontakte”, where the opposition publish calls to overthrow the current government, including President Emomali Rahmon. Who is publishing this kind of message is not specified.

Earlier, it became known that due to the possible meeting of the Internet have disabled residents of Sughd region in northern Tajikistan, where one third of the population. “Against the background of information about the possibility of holding an unsanctioned rally on October 10 in Dushanbe authorities decided to test the ability to block Internet networks in a particular region, which was done”, – explained in the government.

Tajik Supreme Court included the “Group of 24” in the list of extremist organizations on Thursday. Then the prosecutor’s office of the republic said that the participants of the opposition movement, which it voluntarily leave, will be exempt from prosecution or amnesty. According to local law, members of the “Group of 24” could face up to eight years’ imprisonment or a fine of between eight and 16 thousand dollars.

“The activities of this group aimed at overthrowing the state system in Tajikistan”, and its leader is “quick entrepreneur Umarali Kuvvatov announced an international arrest warrant on charges of fraud and other criminal offenses”, – says the decision of the Supreme Court. The Interior Ministry believes that the opposition movement is going to “destabilize, to split the society, that is, to work out their foreign money” employers “. Court considered the activity” Group of 24 “after the calls began to appear go to the rally on 10 October.

Kuvvatov owned by private companies “Faroz” and “Todzhiron” involved in the supply of petroleum products to neighboring Afghanistan. Criminal prosecution was politically motivated, he said. Now he is supposedly located in Moscow.

Name of the meeting, to which are invited to come immediately after the Friday prayers, the Internet is listed as “Tajikistan requires a change”, and slogans include “without Tajikistan Rahmon,” “For Fair Elections!” and “For a decent life”. It is expected that the event will start at square Somoni at 15:00 local time (14:00 Moscow time).