Three biolaboratory USA got the job to begin production of an experimental...

Three biolaboratory USA got the job to begin production of an experimental drug against Ebola

Three biolaboratory USA got the job to begin production of an experimental drug against Ebola

Three American biological laboratories received from the authorities of the United States commission to begin production of an experimental drug against Ebola virus called ZMapp, Reuters reported, citing the official representatives of the United States government and one of the laboratories.

Order sent to the Health Science Center University of Texas A & M, the laboratory Emergent Biosolutions in Baltimore and a laboratory in North Carolina, working in conjunction with the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis AG. Laboratories should prepare production capacity for the production of 50 million doses of vaccine within four months.

Experimental means ZMapp applied in the treatment of medical professionals the USA and Spain, infected with Ebola in West Africa. Two of the three cases and take the medicine cured. After treatment, other health medication ended, sobschaet RIA “Novosti” .

According to doctors, the effectiveness of an experimental drug has not been proven 100%, so “it is impossible to guess in what cases it will work, and what is not.” Further clinical studies.

In Washington, Ebola was not found

Identify concerns in the capital of the United States case of Ebola virus have not been confirmed. This was announced on Friday evening at the end of the proceedings, the authorities of Virginia, in whose territory the hospital Fairfax Inova Hospital earlier in the day was placed woman with suspected disease caused by the Ebola virus, according to Tass.

As a result of the operational investigation revealed that a woman who has been identified like symptoms suggestive of Ebola, apparently, had never traveled outside the United States, contrary to the original data of the recent testimony of physicians returning from West Africa. This region is covered by the epidemic.

Health authorities Arlington and Fairfax counties in Virginia, respond to the current state of emergency, “sure that it (the hospitalized women) in the body of the Ebola virus is not present”, emphasized in a written statement, which was distributed at the end of the proceedings. The report also indicates that the precautions taken after the admission of a woman, are canceled.

This woman, whose name was not called, was admitted to the hospital Fairfax Inova Hospital, located near the Pentagon. She became ill on the bus, which was taking a group of servicemen from the Pentagon United States Marine Corps, traveling in a ceremony appointment of a new commander of the armed forces of this kind in Washington. The woman got off the bus, and she vomited.

As it became known later, in the bus, it is likely rose by mistake, confusing it with another. At the Pentagon is located close to public transport interchange site of the American capital and its suburbs, which connects the subway and buses. The woman, according to the newspaper The Washington Post, lives in one of the inner suburbs of Washington, working in a Washington consulting firm Total spectrum and daily use public transportation to commute to work and home.

Because at first none of this was known to the Agency for the Protection of the personnel of the Pentagon raised the alarm experts in biodefense, the patient was taken to the hospital. Cordoned off the scene, the movement of people and vehicles in the surrounding area are limited. For a while and shut down access to the Ministry of Defence on one side of the pentagonal building. Arlington County authorities sent its own experts and set in motion its operations center to respond to emergencies. Marines who were going to the ceremony, held on a bus in Washington a few hours until it was discovered that the need to expose them to the quarantine is not.