Three cherished letters: VIP

Three cherished letters: VIP


Packages for privileged clients – one of the most popular services for many brokerage firms. All right: traders who prefer to invest a lot of money, ready to offer the most personalized approach. Of course, every company has invested in this concept and its understanding of its own set of “chips”. But, by and large, all the pros VIP-service can be divided into two large groups: special trade conditions and qualitatively higher level of communication and support. To understand what exactly is it, analyze the merits of VIP-service at the example of the international broker MaxiMarkets.


Speaking of support, it should be noted that along with other clients of the company, traders status VIP (he, incidentally, is assigned automatically from the moment of your deposit up to a certain amount) receive daily analyzes of financial markets from leading specialists, actively use video Reviews, recommendations, receive practical advice and trained in the unique system of “one-on-one.” At the same time it is available at any time consultation of two experts. As another adviser may act Autochartist – it’s also available “vipam.” Moreover, for clients such services are activated automatically SMS-signals-yielding assets: you can safely earn a gold, silver and oil. Do not forget about the special bonus program, inaccessible to customers with minimum deposits.

In practice

As for the terms of trade, there is also a lot of “delicious.” For example, you can earn by selling key global indices (NASDAQ, DOW Jones, Nikkei, S & P 500) and open an unlimited number of transactions simultaneously. You can do this even in the telephone conversation. Directly to trade company provides a unique VIP-platform: no slippage and very profitable spreads. The finishing touch to this perfect-trading history will be released specifically for you card MaxiMarkets MasterCard – the most convenient ways of withdrawing existing profits.