10.04.2014 5:32

First time: Ferrari California T

This car Ferrari has not been seen since the F40. Imagine y updated California T appeared turbocharged!

Censatsiya it? Well, in general, yes. Aspiration and Ferrari never had a reputation for the perfect pair. Sometimes their paths crossed, and no one will say that they were bad together. But it’s all so true passion affair … guys from Maranello have always remained atmospheric engines. Turbine on the same F40 appeared on one specific reason. Italians blood from his nose had to be “done” by the dynamics of Porsche 959. Done? And then there! On and rounded. It’s been nearly thirty years before the snail back under the hood Italian colts.

By the way, Why? Well, in a nutshell – the times are such. Hard not to notice how all modern hot hatch migrated from the atmosphere on the turbo. So the only way you can now eat fish, and climb into the norms – make sane performance power and not leave at the same time for the stringent environmental requirements. In this regard, the rich (read – Ferrari) exactly the same problems as the poor (read – Clio RS or Type-R).


Plus do not forget about the new regulations F1. After a 2014 season best pilots in the world are riding again on turbo wheelbarrows. So, now there is the Ferrari and additional advertising motivation.

In short, the updated Salifornia got a brand-new 3.8-liter V8 c double turbocharger. Passport data unit at 560 hp, acceleration to first hundred in 3.6 seconds, the average consumption of 8.7 liters. While on the last digit, please do not bother – in real life to achieve such performance is possible.

The new 3.8-liter V8 twin-turbo, 560 hp issuing That is exactly 100 horses more than the previous Salifornia atmospheric V8 4,3 l. The new engine crankshaft with cranks located in one plane, and extremely musical release. Quiet will not!

But buns still missing. Lack turboyamy guarantees tvinskrolnaya snail, improved gearbox with two clutches, developed in conjunction with Getrag, promises lightning switch and Variable Boost Management maintains an optimum boost pressure, providing tremendous pickup in any gear.

Motor modernization ends. Italians explicitly added coal in terms of controllability. The original version of the coupe-cabriolet, to put it mildly, not impressed – engineers retuned suspension, then clearly shifted the emphasis in the comfort zone. “California” to nod, surprised too early and tangible for the proud title Ferrari rolls and dull driving.

Forgive and forget! After all, California T completely different steering, promising hyperacute reaction to the driver’s commands. Sufficiently easy movement of the hands, forearms not even to sports car abruptly changed direction. Owners 458 Italia, FF and F12 know firsthand – to such an acute need to get used to the wheel, so to speak, prisidetsya. But finally having experienced the topic, the pilot gets nearly telepathic communication with the machine.


What else? Ceramic brakes tachkrin in saloon and information system Turbo Perfomance Engineer, entertain on-screen heaps of interesting (and often not) tsifiri.

All this can only mean one thing – updating Ferrari California can already be considered a major contender for the title “Best of the year update.” After overnight most boring, most nepuristskaya (even the most popular in commercial terms: 11 000 cars in four years – this is very serious!) And most affordable Ferrari suddenly turned into an enviable party. We are not told that it is now much prettier and more!


In the back row seats than it may seem

Designers from the team Flavio Manzoni did jewelry work: additional air intakes and nozzles straightened slightly ovoscheobraznuyu appearance “California.” A new figure wheels and front optics added so lacking in character.

In short, if before driving this sports car is appropriate only looked any glamorous stars like Kim Kardashian, or Hugh Grant, now California T will be interesting not only as a vulgar pontorezka. Just think – the difference is something only one letter!