Toby Stephens: “Captain Flint still surprise the audience”

Toby Stephens: “Captain Flint still surprise the audience”


Toby Stephens, who plays Captain Flint in the series Black Sails,spoke about the work of the adventure drama channel Starz, the historical authenticity of the project and his character.

Possible spoilers! 

How did you get the role in the series?

I did a low-budget film in Wales, when he received a call from his agent. She said: “I got into the hands of a very interesting scenario that you must read. This is a show about pirates, and I see you in one of the roles. “ She was so convincing that I decided to check the text and immediately realized – this series will be significantly different from my previous work on television. I did not want to miss the opportunity to compete for the role in this project, because I had already seen himself CaptainFlint. I sent the video creators of the series, in which several monologues read your future hero. Fortunately, my job they were impressed, and I got the role.

Like what Captain Flint?

This is an interesting and charismatic character. I was glad to be able to play the hero who goes on an incredible journey. At the end of the first episode viewers see what he can do. But as fans of the series will see him as a ruthless pirate, he’ll surprise them a new facet of his character. Our project I like is the fact that each has its own pirate story. This is not just a caricature robbers in the same clothes that just do what they drink rum. Show, in which each character has its own motives and plans, very interesting to watch.

Tell us about the world in which he lives Flint.

He had the experience of service in the Navy, which gives an advantage over the other pirates. He understands tactical maneuvers, which allows him to anticipate the actions of their enemies. All events of our series occur in the context of real historical facts. The sea in those days was dominated by the British and the Spanish fleet, which will be reflected in our show. The series will be mentioned the slave trade, and the impact of the War of the Spanish Succession. In the “Black Sails”will be raised as issues of economics, politics and morality. Convert series in history lesson we certainly are not going to, but everyone in the audience can feel that the action on the screen is done in accordance with the realities of the time.

What have you learned while working on the show?

The more research in preparation for the role, I spent, the more interesting to me seemed that time period. I found it necessary to delve into how the captains and led his team to control the ship. Given the military background of my character, it was necessary to show its difference from other pirates. At the service, he must be enrolled in ten years and for many years tried to break up the career ladder. I really wanted to get used to the image of Captain Flint, and a pirate theme was interesting to me.

Can Flint someone you trust?

He could trust Mrs. Barlow. As the story progresses it becomes clear that they have some sort of an agreement. He would also like to establish a trusting relationship with his team, but many aspects of his character is not always play into his hands.Flint dazzles thirst for revenge when he remembers how it has managed fleet of His Majesty.

How will the relationship between your hero and Eleanor?

Flint pragmatist, and therefore understands that he must cooperate with it. They are very similar: both think that they do not have to be pirates until the end of life.Captain feels for her paternal feelings, but will be hints and romantic line. History ofFlint and Eleanor promises to be very interesting.