Tom Cruise: I remember only too well the poverty, loneliness and caring...

Tom Cruise: I remember only too well the poverty, loneliness and caring father

Tom Cruise

On screens in full swing fiction thriller “Edge of the Future”, and Tom Cruise is already occupied by another – a fifth of the adventures of Rain villains Ethan Hunt in “Mission: Impossible.” And personal life. After all, can not the same man after three divorces to be alone.

As it became known only that the actor for the first time in the history of cinema allowed to take part in the action movie scenes of the building of the British Parliament – Palace of Westminster. At home Tom, however, confident that he has enough time and love. And Woo notes in a week 52 years in new Cruise’s wife and co-star Church of Scientology 34-year-old Laura Prepon. But the characters themselves are on the gossip that they are only friends.

– You are not the first time presenting the award as a legend – the last time it happened recently. Must be nice to be a legend, Tom Cruise?

– Ha ha ha. I would not myself so named. As a child I had a lot of examples to follow, but I would call a legend only one thing – it’s Muhammad Ali.

Tom Cruise

– First, “Oblivion”, then “Face the Future.” You will now be removed only in fiction?

– It’s not on purpose. I choose my roles at the scenarios that I offer. I like action, but important and the relationship between the characters, and not just chase and shooting.

Agreed well only because the story in both cases – is unique. Plus “Faces of the Future” was Emily Blunt – this woman is full of talent. How long wanted to work with director Doug Lyman, who directed “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

– The film raises the question of what we would do if you could live your life again. You have asked yourself that, Tom Cruise?

– Maybe I would change my childhood, though not certain. Certainly would not want to repeat the experience. My childhood was not so, what want to relive again and again.

Father left when I was twelve, I was with three sisters stayed with my mom. Remember only too well the misery and constantly moving – I changed thirteen schools. Because of this, he could not make friends and was lonely.

As for the rest, I think, and so I had a terrific life rich in events and adventures, and I do not see how he could live her even happier. Since then he became famous, I feel privileged.

Tom Cruise

– He walks a lot of rumors about the continuation of your movie almost 20 years ago, “Top Gun.” Where is the truth Tom Cruise?

– Let’s see. That’s all I can say. There are many different obstacles and conditions, we need to weigh and evaluate. Will the movie be honest – I do not know.

Sometimes we work for years, but nothing has been obtained. To start production, it should coincide, as in a puzzle. So I would not say anything at all about the “Top Gun” in order not to give people false hope.

– Then tell me about a fifth of the blockbuster “Mission Impossible” – as it progressed? Can outdo his former self Tom Cruise?

– I never try to make the next part was more spectacular, just trying to develop a story, introduce new elements and saturate the narrative interesting details.

I hope the result will be memorable. But before the end is still far. Soon going to appear in England, where we fortunately allowed to shoot in the Palace of Westminster – the first time in the history of cinema. Now finish reshape the script so that everything can change.

Tom Cruise

– There is something in the work of the actor, that you do not like Tom Cruise?

– You will be surprised, no, – said Tom Cruise. – I like all aspects of my profession. I spent most of my life in the halls, where he met with the writers, in the rooms where we were engaged in mixing and dubbing, on movie sets around the world.

And no matter how hard it was to work, even when I have a soul does not have a penny, and of property were except that bed, a table and a chair, floated whenever something special, do not make me regret that no chose another profession.