02.03.2014 10:56


Hollywood prepares for the most solemn night. March 2 will be a traditional annual ceremony for the Academy Awards. And as usual, we not only know the names of the best in the film, but also be able to watch the kind of Hollywood fashion parade on the red carpet. Here are just a famous fashion designer Tom Ford (Tom Ford) unexpectedly announced that the vast majority of orders for the “Oscar” boring and monotonous.

In Ford’s dresses from the red carpet posing many stars. So, it was he who introduced the year before a spectacular white dress for Gwyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow) . But now the designer admitted that she hates to cook outfits for celebrities in the season awards because it restricts his creativity.

“What the actress appeared at the ceremony, almost has nothing to do with fashion – fashion designer said in the TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live. – These are some finery Barbie dolls in the style of the 50s. It does not appear that people are in reality. “

“This is some finery Barbie dolls in the style of the 50s.”

“I do not like to wear these actresses ceremony. This is not a creative process – lamented Ford. – When Dress up actress feels like at a wedding. Do you work with her, with her dream, a dream of her agent and dreams of her husband. And they already know how they should look. They know to whom they want to be like to sell your film. And the designer has absolutely no role. “

The designer also said that he intends to give complete freedom to choose their clothing year-old son, Alexander, when he grows up. And even if the boy is not to dress like like Tom, he will not mind.