Tom Wisdom ( Dominion ) : “Michael is ready to give his...

Tom Wisdom ( Dominion ) : “Michael is ready to give his life for Alex”

Tom Wisdom ( Dominion ) :

Possible spoilers for the third episode! 

Tom Wisdom, who plays the Archangel Michael in the TV series Dominion , spoke about the mission to protect his hero Alex Lennena (Christopher Egan). 

What awaits viewers in the third episode? 

At the end of the second series left Alex Vega. Once my hero finds out about this, he will have to go behind Lennenom. Mikhail will make every effort to protect Alex. 

How far it is prepared to go in its mission? 

If need be, he would give his life for the sake of Alex. 

Tom Wisdom ( Dominion ) : "Michael is ready to give his life for Alex"
How would you describe their relationship? 

Michael serves as a mentor Alex. To be prepared for the coming war, Lennen must believe that he is the Chosen One. Mikhail ready to help Alex to take his fate, but to solve the riddle of his tattoos student must himself. 

As Michael relates to other people? 

My hero is quite difficult to understand their actions, but he admires the diversity of human emotions. At the same time Michael did not hide the fact that women find very attractive. 

Tom Wisdom ( Dominion ) : "Michael is ready to give his life for Alex"
What awaits Michael in future episodes? 

He will not only help Alex, but also protect the Vega. His conflict with Gabriel soon reach its peak. In the next series, we learn a lot about Michael. 

Are you doing some stunts yourself? 

Yes. Stunts and fights – it’s something like a nice bonus to being able to play such an interesting character. That’s why I like to be part of the team Dominion .

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